Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard correctly; Dennis and Ferry, our heroic time travellers, are back! After their mysterious disappearance, we were somewhat worried that they would inadvertently destroy our universe at some point. Luckily, it seems thay didn't, and that we've made another narrow escape yet again! So, we will now turn you over to the idiots geniuses themselves and see what they have to say for themselves!

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Before 2017 starts its barrage of new games for us to play, there's still one top three of 2016 games we just had to bring you.

This final 2016 top 3 is brought to you by Melvin Imanuel from Let's see what get's his blood pumping and his triggerfingers at the ready!

My name is Melvin Imanuel, owner and creator of the popcultural T-shirts webshop and I haven't gamed as much this year as I would have liked, but I crammed in as much as I could. My favorite genre would be adventure or shooter games.

At the end of 2015 I got a PlayStation 4 for my birthday, and that's all I've been playing ever since.

  • Doom

    This game brought back so many memories! I haven't felt this excited about a game for a long time. The adrenaline trip kept me glued to my seat and I played AND replayed for hours. I think I heard someone say that this latest installment in the series is like the original Doom on drugs... and I couldn't agree more!

    Are you ready to go back to hell?! After a period of 12 years, Doom is finally back on the menu! Get ready to shoot and hack your way through countless demons and other hell-spawn on your bloody quest of saving mankind once again! Are you ready for the latest installment in the much beloved Doom series?! You'd better be!

    First Person Shooter
    ID Software & Bethesda Softworks
    PC / PS4 / XBox One
    May 13, 2016

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4)

    I, and a whole lot of other PlayStation players, have been waiting for this game for far too long. Almost a year after the Xbox One release the PlayStation 4 version came out. I almost bought a Xbox One for it. I didn't, but now I feel bad about it because I could've played It sooner AND I could've gotten the new Gears. Rise of the Tomb Raider is like the first one, but with an upgrade. It looks better, controls better and feels better too. And the weather, WOW! It such a important part for the overall experience.

    Although many have already experienced the adventures of Lara Croft in Rise of the Tomb Raider, for the ones among us without an XBox, the wait is finally over! October 11 2016 finally marks the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider for the PS4. Incidentally, this date also marks the release of the brand new 'Blood Ties' DLC for the XBox One.

    Action Adventure
    Crystal Dynamics & Square Enix
    October 11, 2016

  • Far Cry: Primal

    I'm a fan of the Far Cry series since 3, though I have played the first one partially. I had mixed feelings beforehand; sure, it looked terrific. But being set way back in the past, how much variation can there be? I bought it because it was Far Cry and I trusted Ubisoft enough to bring something awesome to the table. And they did! 5 minutes in and I was sold. The weapons, the animal allies, the control of eagles. Everything is new but it still feels natural.

    set in 10,000 BCE, during the beginning of the Mesolithic period.[1] It takes place in the fictional Oros valley in Central Europe, an open world filled with wildlife such as mammoths and saber-toothed cats. Survival is a daily challenge as tribes come into conflict with one another and nature. Take on the role of Takkar, rise to power and lead your own tribe!

    First Person Action /Adventure
    PC / PS4 / XBox One
    February 23, 2016 (PS4 , XBox One)
    March 1, 2016 (PC)


  • Rusty Lake: Roots Today is the perfect day to delve into a dark and mysterious world where wonder and tragedy go hand in hand on a daily basis. Join us as we visit the place where strange things happen every other minute: Rusty Lake, where we will plant the seed for our very own family tree...

  • Resident Evil: Volume I - The Umbrella Conspiracy I think it's no secret anymore that, besides playing games, I love to read a good book. Since there are more and more novels, inspired by or based upon a game series, being published these days, I regularly read a book of this genre. The last one I read was Resident Evil: Volume I – The Umbrella Conspiracy.

  • Batman - A TellTale Series: Episode 4 & 5 Guess who’s back? Back again. Batman’s back, tell a friend! Telltale games have released the final two episodes of their Batman game and boy did they leave me on a cliffhanger last time. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

  • Stories: The Path of Destinies At this time of year, I like to curl up on the couch with a good book. When a developer offers me the chance to "read" a good story by playing a game, I'm all ears. This month, one of the free games for PS Plus members called Stories: The Path of Destinies does just that! So let's just put my book down for now to check out what story, what path and what destiny is out there for me!

  • Time Crisis Unfortunate news, ladies and gentlemen. It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that there still has been no sign of the Big Red Timemachine, and its occupants: Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers and Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams. Our technical staff has been working around the clock for these past two weeks to restore even the most simple form of contact. We have since learned that smoke signals don't do a whole lot.

  • Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World You might remember my review about Pokémon Go and the fact that I went nuts over that app. Besides Pokémon I have another fandom which I am totally nuts about. I am a nineties kid (born 1990) so besides Pokémon another big thing in my youth was Harry Potter!

  • Pokémon Sun & Moon The 7th generation of Pokémon is finally upon us, and boy what a long wait it was. Although Nintendo revealed the first trailer only at the start of this year, the wait for the actual release of the games felt like it lasted a lifetime! But that shows exactly how much Pokémon means to its fans; whenever a new game and especially a new generation is announced, the fans (including myself) jump aboard the hype train!

  • Duke Nukem 3D In this week's thrilling episode of the Big Red Timemachine, the conflict between Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams and Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers reaches a new high. Will they both manage to calm the hell down and finally settle their differences, or will they cause the downfall of the entire known universe by staying as pig-headed as we expect them to stay?

  • The Mammoth: A Cave Painting For the second time this week, my path is crossed by a short, but truly impressive game. A couple of days ago, I told you guys about a game called I am a Brave Knight. Today, it's time to go back to prehistoric times, the time when Mammoths ruled!

  • I am a Brave Knight Sometimes you come across a game that is so simple yet so impressive at the same time. I am a Brave Knight is such a game. Let me explain why.

  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization It's binga benga (J)RPG time! Japanese voice acting, sharp dressed characters and beautiful fantasy worlds are well-known features of this genre and Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is no exception. So grab you katana, put "San" after your own name and jump into the world of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization!