Aaaand... it's 2018! Bye bye 2017, so long, thanks for everything, take care and all that!

So, what's in store for us in 2018? Well, we hope, of course, a buttload of awesome games to play and cool people to talk to. And, as always, we all here at will try to keep you posted on everything that tickles our fancy in the land of gaming.

What will be the absolute number one game of the year, or what will our Big Red Timemachine crew get up to in the coming months? Well, if you are as psyched about everything that 2018 holds in the gaming department as we are, then we invite you to check back on a regular basis and read all about it, right here on!

So, with that in mind, we would like to wish you all the best for the coming year and hope to see you again real soon!


  • The Walking Dead Collection

    Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with Telltale's The Walking Dead Collection. This collection includes the recent third season, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, as well as visually enhanced versions of Season One, Season Two, 400 Days, and the three part Michonne mini-series. This collection is guaranteed to provide you with more than enough zombies and other assorted dangers to keep you occupied all through the holiday, wouldn't you say?

    Telltale & Skybound Entertainment
    PS4 / Xbox One
    December 5, 2017

  • Caveman Warriors

    This game will make you go back in time and revive those awesome 80's arcades! Do you enjoy gameplay twists? Welcome home, then! From riding dinosaurs while shooting pineapples to a raging rider boss. Doesn't that sound crazy enough? Then wait until you find out the dimensional portals that will make you ride an aircraft. Does that includes an aerial boss battle, you're wondering? You're damn right!

    December 5, 2017

  • Nine Parchments

    Nine Parchments is a very fast-paced game about a group of ragtag truant wizarding students going out into the world to look for some missing spell parchments, and while they encounter terrible foes and breath-taking vistas, any dramatic moments of confronting difficult narrative choices (other than, should I throw a fireball at my friend or not) are less than featured in the game's short, sweet and few cutscenes.

    December 5, 2017


  • One More Dungeon Yes, the game I'm going to tell you about is actually called One More Dungeon. That's cool right? My Mom: "Are you playing videogames again?" Me: "Oh please, let me just finish one more dungeon?" My Mom: "Oh, that's all right, honey. But after that, it's done." And me with my super sweet voice: "Okay, mommy." (Mwoohaha!)

  • Dynasty Feud Don't you just love it when a title tells you everything about a game? Dynasty Feud is about... "drumroll"... feuding dynasties. Rather than playing as a single character you play a dynasty of five. Each Dynasty has a certain theme like pirates or cowboys etcetera, etcetera. In turn, each character has character-specific attacks. Let's take a look, shall we?

  • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a game for the adventurers among us that love to take a walk in the wild nature, feel a breeze of air blow through your hair and breathe in all the... oh sorry, got a bit lost there. What this game does, however, is give off a peaceful vibe and make you feel that the world is free of all problems. I know this might sound strange, but you can actually enjoy this exact feeling by playing this game.

  • A Near Dawn A game about a guy who gets into all sorts of weird situations, not to mention has freaky nighmares? A good thriller, comic book and audio book rolled into one? Hell yeah, where do I sign up for that?! What? I can play the prologue? That is awesome. Okay guys and girls, let's get things started and play: A Near Dawn!

  • Soldiers of the Universe What would you do if you father died? Or, to be more precise; if he was murdered by terrorists? What if you had the weapons and the right organization to back you up? It would be excruciatingly hard not to take revenge, am I right?

  • Black Mirror Today, we're inheriting a Scottish castle! Isn't that nice?! Sure, somebody has to die for you to inherit anything; it's kind of how this thing works, isn't it? In this case, it is our father that has kicked the proverbial bucket. Now, we didn't actually have a very loving relationship with the man over the years, so we're off to Scotland to sign the inheritance papers. And this is exactly where things go haggis-shaped really, really fast!

  • The Big Red Search Dear Insignificant Humans... This is PAL 9001, reporting in with a final message from your supreme leader, Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers. This message was recorded two weeks ago at an undisclosed location. Now playing message:

  • Legend of Hand Legend of Hand is definitely a game you would not play every day. For me this game is kind of nice. It brings us back to a time with its graphics, sounds and styling.

  • Tannenberg (Early Access) A couple of years ago, Developers Blackmill Games and M2H gave us the beautiful new WWI Shooter, Verdun. This game put gamers from around the world squarely in the muddy and blood-soaked trenches of France, in particular in the Verdun area, after which the game was called. The war-torn landscape was challenging to navigate and danger lurked around every corner. If you haven't yet read my review of Verdun, you can do so here. Now, about 2 years later the devs have given us a first glimps of the new WWI shooter they are creating for us: Tannenberg.