Spring is almost upon us! And what better way to celebrate this than with an awesome game event? That's right people! It's time for the second edition of our Retro event: the Big Red Time Machine!

The event will take place in Roermond, The Netherlands on Saturday, March 31 from 12.00 to 18.00 hours. The entry fee is €5,- and if you want to bring your kids they can enter the fields of retro gaming for free, provided they are under 10 years old.

During our event you can play a host of games on a wide selection of old gaming consoles. Sit down at our Duck Hunt pond, step into our Time Machine and travel back to the year of your favorite games for a trip down memory lane. Apart from this, we have, among others, a Commodore, Coleco Vision, Amiga, PlayStation, Xbox present and a lot of retro PC games that can be played through the magic of our very own Big Red Launchpad. To top it all off, we even managed to procure a cool pinball machine!

So, if you're into retro gaming, check out our awesome event!

Date: Saturday, March 31, 2018
Location: Ontmoetingscentrum "Het Jeugdgebouw"
Address: Minderbroederssingel 15F
6040 AE Roermond, The Netherlands
Time: 12:00h to 18:00h
Entry fee: €5,-
Children under the age of 10 may enter free of charge,
provided they are accompanied by a parent


  • Kirby Star Allies

    Too much adventure for just one world! Kirby must venture far from his cozy home in Dream Land to fight this monstrous menace. Let's hope he can find his way back! Use Friend Hearts to charm enemies, for a party of up to four characters. Grab some friends (and some Joy-Con controllers) and have them join the adventure! Kirby and friends can share elemental powers and abilities to level-up skills or even create powerful new Friend Abilities.

    Adventure / Platform
    March 16, 2018

  • The Council - Episode 1: The Mad Ones

    The Council begins in 1793, with players taking the role of secret society member Louis de Richet after his invitation to a private island off the shores of England by the enigmatic Lord Mortimer. Joining him are a number of high profile guests, including Napoleon Bonaparte and President of the newly-formed United States of America, George Washington. The strange nature of this private reception goes beyond just the prestigious guests...

    Episodic Adventure
    Big Bad Wolf & Focus Home Interactive
    PC / PS4
    March 13, 2018

  • The Long Reach

    The experience-sharing program that we were studying went haywire. Maybe it's that black box, maybe something else. The main symptom for you is that your nightmares and dreams no longer require sleeping to manifest. These hallucinations are all in your subconscious. It turns out that given enough time with it, we go insane. But we can fix that... Or so says Shelley, lead scientist at the General Education research facility. But do you trust her?

    Adventure / Survival
    Painted Black Games & Merge Games
    PC / PS4 / XBox One / Switch
    March 14 - 15, 2018


  • Football Game Let me start by offering a huge apology to the developers of Football Game. We had this game ready to play for a couple of weeks now at our DumeeGamer HQ. Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams wanted to play the game, because he is our point and click expert. But it is also an game set in the 80's, so that's why I wanted to play this game so bad...

  • Midnight Deluxe Can you imagine what it would be like to be a glowing white cube-shaped fairy named Midnight, trapped in a grim and dangerous world and being tossed around and maimed for another man's pleasure? Well, probably not, but if you play Midnight Deluxe, you might have an inkling of what that would be like...

  • Turtle Pop: Journey to Freedom Although I love all my adventure, shooter and horror games, I'm also a huge fan of happy and colorful games. So when I saw the trailer of Turtle Pop: Journey to Freedom, filled to the brim with colors, sparkles and cuteness, I immediately knew that I needed to play this game!

  • Fear Effect Sedna Independent developer Sushee teams up with publisher Forever Entertainment and releases Fear Effect Sedna as a third entry in the series, as well as a kind of reboot in terms of gameplay and style. Luckily, the series protagonists are all there! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; Hana, Rain, Deke and Glas are back in business! Let's see how they do, shall we?

  • Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion One Small step for man Kerbal, one giant leap for mankind KerbanKind! The first official DLC for Kerbal Space Program is here and it is finally time for us to make history together.

  • Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and other assorted life forms! You have found your way, once again, to our Big Red Timemachine. Now, as you may have read two weeks ago, Dennis finally tracked down yours truly and managed to bring me back from the brink of insanity. I can't tell you precisely what happened because my memory is still a bit fuzzy, but I do know that I somehow managed to act even more psychotic than usual...

  • Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy We all (or, at least, most of the Nintendo DS fans among us) know the Professor Layton series. This series has now been brought to mobile devices all around the world with Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. However, instead of following Professor Hershel Layton we now follow his daughter, Katrielle. The game was even released for the smartphones before it made its world wide debut on the Nintendo 3DS.

  • Super Seducer A game called Super Seducer should be able to really get people's attention, don't you think? The world's first seduction simulator! Creator Richard La Ruina states that it's meant to be an environment in which you can practice your flirting techniques, before trying them out in real life. So let's see if I am indeed a super seducer!

  • Bridge Constructor Portal What is it that is usually missing from a regular bridge building game? If your answer to this question is "instantaneous transportation through space and a cunning and truly unfeeling cybernetic bully named GLaDOS" then, besides being unnecessarily precise and possibly clairvoyant, you're 100% right! Lucky for us, mere mortals, Bridge Constructor Portal is here to fix this issue!

  • Rad Rogers: World One Now, I don't know about you, but I still sometimes get the urge to fire up a good old-fashioned platform game. Usually, this means launching DosBox or equivalent and fiddling around with the settings as long as it takes to get the damn thing to work properly. Luckily, this is now a thing of the past (pun intended!)