You may recall a review we did a while back on a game called BaRPG. No?! You should be ashamed of yourself! As punishment for your ignorance, you'll have to read it right now by clicking here. Don't worry, we'll wait until you get back... go on, read it!

Ah good, you're back! So, what did you think? Pretty riveting stuff, eh?! Well, in that case, you'll be as excited as we are to hear that the developers have started a Kickstarter capaign to fund the definitive edition of the game: BarPiG! Let's just see what they have to say, shall we?

Imagine if you could embody a hero character with the power to challenge or otherwise embarrass your friends. But be careful, for those same friends wield powerful item cards that threaten to change the game at any moment!

Now combine this with a leveling system to keep it competitive and a damage system to make it vindictive and this is BaRPiG - The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party. This seriously fun and highly portable game is perfect for anyone, anywhere and everywhere.

Oh, and there will be pigs... "

Now, I don't know about you guys and girls out there, but we, here at are very excited to see where this new edition will take us and what wacky (and possibly slightly intoxicated) adventures we will have next. So, to this end, we've sent our very own Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers to the BaRPiG launch party in Amsterdam. He hasn't been seen since...

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***

Dennis had been found! He finally found his way back home and is aching to tell you guys and girls all about his adventures in the land of BaRPiG!

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