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By Lex "Gaz the Dungeonmaster" Ansems on September 10, 2015

Here we are again, packed and ready to go on a wonderful adventure of cosplay, weird food, random shows, awesome events and useful workshops. It's time for Abunai 2015: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

My Friday started by meeting up with my best friend, also known as Miss Sprinkles the fat undead sparkling unicorn. She was the best, because I could sleep over at her house and she agreed to bes my personal taxi driver for the weekend. After arriving at the con, we met up with Mystria the poisoned water nymph (a cosplaying friend of mine) and we started our adventure.

Our Friday started with the opening ceremony and the awesome amateur opening movie of the convention. After this, we sought out the dealer room and bought some stuff (I bought D&D books and DICE, you can never have enough dice) while receiving the disappointing look of Miss Sprinkles. We then went on to check out the con, sitting in line for a really delayed cosplay competition (yep, sitting 1.5 hours waiting in line while being really hungry, everyone's favourite pastime).

The next day went a lot smoother. We started off by doing a Maneki Neko workshop, in which we made some cute clay figurines as keepsakes (I made a Moogle that looked so derpy and retarded that it would scare an adventuring party to death), the ladies did a lot better and made some really awesome figurines.

Then we went to a cosplay competition once again and as always I was amazed at the skills and crafts of the people, they are jaw dropping good and make me very jealous. After the cosplay competition, we had a cupcake decoration workshop and I was a lot better at that then the Maneki Neko workshop. Maybe because it's food or something, but I had a pretty awesome cupcake, which I was really proud of.

And way sooner then we wanted, the Sunday was already there. It was a lazy Sunday, we watched the AMV contest (which is awesome for discovering new music and anime) and well, the rest of the day was a lazy day of buying stuff (I bought more dice and got a lot more evil looks from Miss Sprinkles) and sitting around talking with many awesome people. We watched the ending ceremony and the glorious ending movie, just to say goodbye for another year.

Final verdict:
I HAD A BLAST! The anime conventions are really cool and in The Netherlands they are getting bigger and bigger each year. If you can't decide between Abunai or Animecon (which I reviewed here), then here are some tips: Animecon is bigger, has a lot more cosplay shows and a better location, while Abunai is a bit smaller, but has way more time to-do stuff instead of just sitting on your ass and watching other people. So, if you want to do workshops or see panels, go to Abunai. To watch cosplay competitions and some more famous guests and all, got to Animecon. But why choose? Just go to both! I did and I will go again in 2016. So if I am still around on the Dumeegamer site (looks hopefully at the boss), then be sure to stick around for the review of Animecon 2016.

Abunai website
August 28 - 30, 2015
Veldhoven, Netherlands