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By Lex "Gaz the Dungeonmaster" Ansems on June 22, 2015

There I was: packed, sweating (because it was like FREAKING HOT OUTSIDE), waiting for my train to bring me to The Hague for Animecon 2015. And man I was excited! My best friend once convinced me to go to an anime convention and since that moment, I was hooked. This was my second Animecon and, like the first time, I was not to be disappointed.

After I met up with my friends at our hotel we went to the convention and we got our weekend passes and maps; we were ready to enjoy ourselves. I have never seen so many people with weird and random hairstyles (ok, maybe once at a punk rock concert, but thatís it) cosplayers and just awesome people.

First thing we did was go to the opening show, filled with announcements and intro videos about all the cosplay contests that were to be held at the convention (and there are a lot of them). After the show we went to the dealer room which was positively BURSTING with merchandise. Even Scrooge mc Duck would have a hard time not spending money here.

After browsing through heaps and heaps of merchandise, we went to the games room and played a selection of games. They had arcade games, the new Nartuto Ninja Storm game, old school games, weird Japanese games and also LEGO Jurassic Park. Man it was fun! Although Jurassic Park is mainly aimed at a much younger audience than me, I didnít care. It was fun as hell; you could even play as a dinosaur and letís face it: WHO WOULDNíT WANT THAT?

We all went to the AMV competition and had a blast looking at the creative creations people came up with. The Cosplay competitions were jaw-dropping, eye-popping good. And all in all it was a blast to go to.

Three days just arenít enough to enjoy everything this event has to offer. They have workshops on making your own cosplay, manga, AMV, etcetera. Panels with world-famous cosplayers, activities during which you got to experience Japanese culture by making sushi and Bento boxes, and bars where one can leisurely enjoy drinks like whisky and sake, or participate in a Japanese tea ceremony.

Final verdict:
If you like anime or manga, go to this event! It really doesnít matter if you are alone or not, because within 5 minutes you will have made new friends and will be having a blast of a weekend just looking around in awe at all the awesome people that attend this convention. And if youíre looking for a more active way to participate in all the fun, thereís tons of stuff for you to do!

AnimeCon website
June 12 - 14, 2015
The Hague, Netherlands