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On June 15, DumeeGamer.com visited the Bonami Retro Fair, which take place four times a year. This fair is organized by the founders of the Bonami Retro Museum. Retailers and collectors come together to buy, sell and talk about retro videogames. You can find a lot of (PC) games and game consoles from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Do you remember the Atari 2600, the Commodore 64, the Amiga, the MSX, the Philips Videopac, the Vectrex, the Coleco, Sinclair Spectrum and not to mention the old consoles like the Nintendo NES, Super NES and Sega with several variants.

Personally I have a couple of all time favorites like Legend of Zelda for NES. I had the old golden cassette, but my dad threw it away when our NES passed away. I came across the Van Ravesteijn stand, belonging to Tom and Wim (father and son), collectors who use this fair to sell retro games, but are always looking to make a good deal of their own. And yes they had my long lost golden Zelda game.

My very first game experience was with a CBS system. There were just two stands with games for this system. One of them was the stand of Dr. Retro. He not only had the CBS games I remember from my younger years, but he also had my very first horror game experience, which was Phantasmagoria.

My luck just didn't stop right there. I arrived at the the Double M stand, belonging to Marco and Maarten (father and son), who run a game shop in Leiden (NL), the place to be to find used games for a good price. This was the place for a fair deal on two of my NES favorites, Dr. Mario and Ducktales, Whoohoo!

But there's more to see. What to think of the guys at Arcadewinkel, who sell material if you want to repair your old arcade machine. There were several retailers who did not only offer consoles and games, but also dedicated consoles.

And on top of that you could try you new oldie at the stand of the Bonami Test Team. They are an independent team of collectors, who offer their console collection for testing games. For example if the game is in the right language. The most common trouble is that the game needs cleaning. Collector and retro fan Jakub likes to offer an extra something for people visiting his stand. Today it's Doom battle, two PS 1 consoles linked together, so people can play this great classic game against each other. At the previous fair he brought along his Virtual Boy, for people to try out.

It was a great way to spend the Sunday. It's fun to chat with others about game memories and find that one game treasure. If you missed this edition you can visit the fair at September 28th in Apeldoorn and November 2nd in Schiedam or visit the Bonami Museum in Epe. For more information check out the Bonami Spelcomputer Museum Webpage.