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October 11 & 12 2014 is the weekend of sneaky peaks into the world of upcoming games. This peaking takes place at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht on FirstLook 2014. Armed with press- tickets and excited up the yin yang, DumeeGamer's Ferry and Diana were on the scene.

Firstlook is an annual game event organized by Blammo. This year's edition marked the seventh year of Firstlook, a fact that shows how much of a success FirstLook has become. This is doubly shown by the sheer number of visitors. A lot of game enthusiasts gathered in Utrecht to feast their eyes on the latest in games, merchandise and gaming gear. As early as it was when we arrived, the check-in line was already snaking its way through the giant corridors of the Jaarbeurs, forcing the people at the back of the queue to wait for at least ninety minutes to enter the hallowed halls of the biggest Gaming Event in the Netherlands. Although this may seem like a long time, it was definitely worth the wait. Being the lucky people that we are, the queue for the press entrance was much shorter, so we were able to slip past the enormous line (sorry guys!) and reach our destination within three minutes.

Once inside, the familiar buzz of thousands of people going crazy over that specific game they came all the way for to see, reached our ears. This is what we love, the sheer enthusiasm of the gaming community! But let's not forget that beneath this veneer of sheer joy and excitement, a well-oiled machine is put in place to assure everything goes smoothly. Hats off to Blammo for making FirstLook 2014 an unforgettable event on which we saw some old friends, met new people, gawked at all the new developments in the gaming industry and generally did what we love best; talk about games and gaming all day long! Whether you were admiring all the merchandise at the Magix Buttons, Game Legends, Bingu, and Dirtees stands or were drooling over all the kickass new hardware at the MSI, Alternate, Asus, Logitech or Coolermaster booths, FirstLook offers something for everyone.

Next to these novelties, there were a lot of games to play. Regrettably, we weren't able to play them all, but we did manage to play a selection of awesome games. Just keep reading this story to find out what our thought are on the games we've played at FirstLook.

Guns, Gore and Cannoli by Crazy Monkey Studios
Now, this is a game we've already written about a few times. So if you've read our Epicon preview or the GamesCom 2014 update, you should know that we are really looking forward to this game! Does this game have any surprises in store for us today? As a matter of fact, after meeting up with Crazy Monkey Studios' Steven Verbeek it would appear it did! Since we last seen Guns, Gore & Cannoli, it has been green lighted on Steam, and with good reason. The game's completion is currently at about 75%; six of the 8 planned levels are finished by now and we were pleasantly surprised to see a local coop among the new additions. This makes playing Guns, Gore and Cannoli even more fun! Double the players, double the mayhem. So now it's only a matter of waiting patiently (oh, we're so good at that…NOT) for its launch in early 2015. We'll be sure to keep you posted in case of any new developments or updates!

Silence - The Whispered World 2, Randal's Monday and Blackguards 2 by Daedalic Entertainment
What can we say about Daedalic Entertainment? They're a great bunch of people, their games are brilliant and, more importantly, they were present at Firstlook. Daedalic took a more hands on approach than they did at GamesCom, so today they had two games setup for play; Randal's Monday and Silenced: The Whispered World 2.
We've already played Randal's Monday, so if you want to know more about this game, please read our preview.
Silence - The Whispered World 2 is a point and click game in which you play a teenager called Noah and his curious and much younger sister Renie, both playable in turn throughout this beautifully looking game. Renie has vanished and Noah has to get her back home. He hopes to find her in the world Silence, the dream world he travelled as the clown Sadwick years ago. But this once so peaceful world is now at war. Will Noah find his sister and can he restore peace at the same time? On FirstLook, we got our very first hands-on experience with this cool game, and it plays like it looks, absolutely fantastic. You guide your characters through a series of puzzles and beautifully drawn environments. All we can say is that this game is definitely worth your time!
And then it's time for Blackguards 2. We kind of told a little white lie, because we didn't actually play this game. It was showcased by Daedalic's own Johannes Kiel. He showed us all the awesome new stuff that this second part in the series has to offer. The new levels look absolutely stunning and make us want to play this game even more. If you would have been there, then you would have seen why Johannes' presentation made it feel like we were playing the game ourselves. Thanks again Johannes, for showing us this absolutely awesome looking game! And thanks to the nice young lady who let Diana have her picture taken with Daedalic's seriously cute 'Schnabeltier'.

Wonkey Wizard by Excamedia
We hope to be able to tell you more about this upcoming mobile game in The Appetizer very soon. We got our first peak at it today, and liked what we saw! This game is about a wizard who has to defend his tower against a force of incoming tanks. You can help him by blocking cannonballs by a drawing a line on the screen. The trick is, however, to block the cannonballs and at the same time ricochet them back at the tanks. That's how you ultimately defeat the attacking forces and win the game. Although this game is still in its early stages, the promise of a fun interactive product is clearly there. As we said before, a fun little game that we hope to see more from in the near future.

Check-in, Knock-out by Lionade
Three students of the HKU have developed this great game. When you try to check in to a hotel, the clerk tells you there's only one room available. No problem, right? WRONG! As luck would have it, there are three other guests in line for that room. How do we settle this kind of dispute? As we all know, there's only one way to do this… a deathmatch! What follows is a frantic fight to obtain this coveted key. You will have to battle the other players (up to four in total) to claim and earn the right to stay the night at this prestigious hotel. This is done by literally picking up anything you can get your hands on, and flinging it forcefully at your opponents. When you're the last man standing, you win the round and are one step closer to your objective. Check-in, Knock-out is presented in a vintage 8-bit style which actually suits the game. The pixel art look and matching soundtrack give the game a nostalgic feel, but without making it look or sound dated or aged. It's a veritable high speed whirlwind of quirky characters with ditto special powers. When this game will actually be launched and on which platform it will be available is not clear at this moment, but be sure to keep a lookout for this absolutely worthwhile game.

Voggels by RockitBit
You are a bird and have to compete against other birds for dominion over the skies. Up to four players can join the fun in this poultry party. The object of this game is to blow your opponents into tiny pieces. To do so, you'll have to collect eggs that fall from the sky. For each egg you collect, you receive a smaller bird that joins your flock. These little birds come equipped with special powers, ranging from an increase of flight speed, a laser beam to kill your opponents with or the ability to breath fire and turn your opponents into slightly charred drumsticks. Gathering as many birds as you possibly can, will eventually help you vanquish the other players. But be careful, because if another player soars through your flock, he or she just might steal some of your birds and add them to his or her own flock. Today we were especially lucky, because while this game has been showcased at Indigo, the guys at Rockbit replaced the 2D artwork with cool looking 3D graphics just a couple of days ago. This made Voggel look even better than it already did and added extra depth to the look of the playing fields. This game does not have a launch date yet, so we will keep you updated on possible launch dates and platforms as the story progresses.

The Evil Within by Bethesda
Aaaaaaaah! This is a fairly realistic representation of the most heard sound at the Bethesda booth. We finally got to play fifteen minutes of the long awaited horror-survival game: The Evil Within. These 15 minutes of game play cost DumeeGamer's own Diana three years of her life. Man, this game has creepy written all over it! It brought back memories of the original Resident Evil (PSX), with its mansion setting and narrow corridors, but updated to 2014 HD standards. It looked and sounded absolutely awesome, and managed to scare the hell out of us a couple of times. Our play-through started in a mansion and we had no clue where to go. Let's start exploring shall we… Wait, what was that sound?! Oh boy, I really don't want to open this door… ah, what the hell, let's just go for it. Within a couple of minutes we found yourself shooting and slicing zombies and witnessed some of the most gross stuff a videogame has ever had to offer. For instance, we had to poke around a brain with a surgical instrument to solve a puzzle and advance through the game. You'll need nerves of steel and a stomach made of concrete to play The Evil Within. But man, it's absolutely worth it! Every second is just a scary thrill-ride into the world of the undead. So be afraid…be VERY afraid!

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse by Nintendo
After the horrors at the Bethesda booth, Diana was dying for some colorful and cute and cuddly games. So we headed over to the Nintendo booth, where there's plenty of exactly that to be seen. We already played most of the showcased games at GamesCom, but Nintendo had an ace up their sleeve; Kirby is back and this time he's packing rainbow power. What we noticed right off the bat was that all the scenery items and characters in the game were modeled to look like they were crafted from colorful Play Doh. Apart from a change in design, Nintendo also took a detour from the standard platform-based gameplay in Kirby and the Rainbow. Kirby is self-propelled, and it's your job to guide him safely through different stages by drawing rainbow-colored paths on the screen of your Wii U gamepad. These paths can be drawn freely on your entire screen and enable Kirby to reach higher ground or to guide him through stars and power-ups as you progress through each stage. Play Doh and Rainbows… if that isn't cute, we don't know what is! It might take you some time to get used to this new concept, but it's something we know you'll forgive the ever cute Kirby in a heartbeat.

Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel/Evolve by 2K
We already checked out the Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel and Evolve at Epicon 2014, so we were anxious to see what's new since then. Borderlands is a series that has proven its worth numerous times already. The latest installment in the series is no exception to the rule and plays, looks and sounds like a Borderlands game should; New weapons to collect, new enemies to obliterate and new treasures to be found. Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel will also feature Claptrap as a playable character. That's an enormous plus in our book!
Evolve has added four new hunters and a new monster since we last played it. This results in two hunter options per class, raising the total number of different hunters to eight. This hugely increases the variety in tactics players can utilize to capture the monster, roaming free through the stage.

Until Dawn by SuperMassive Games
Damn, at this rate Diana is not going to reach old age. Last, but definitely not least, it's time for another horror-survival game: Until Dawn. During the course of this epic horror survival journey, Until Dawn brings you a story of a group of 8 teenagers as they spend the night in a log cabin on the anniversary of the death of one of their friends, unaware that they are being hunted by a crazed serial killer. Gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, you'll be forced to make snap decisions that could mean life, or death, for everyone involved. Every choice you make in your terrifying search for will carve out your own unique story. Your actions alone will decide who survives Until Dawn. The game play and storytelling is reminiscent of games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, but with a more horror-oriented setting. Immersive storytelling, state of the art graphics and ominous soundtrack make for one scary experience. With spine-tingling performances from a Hollywood cast including Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Nashville) Until Dawn is a game that make you shiver with fear and anticipation. It's a title we are really looking forward to and will definitely be playing in the future! Until Dawn is coming exclusively to PS4 in 2015.

Obviously, we've had a blast visiting FirstLook 2014! We would like to thank all the people responsible for turning this fantastic event into a party; the people who oranised it, the developers who took the time to show us their great games and last but not least all you gaming fans present in Utrecht. Thank you for making FirstLook 2014 an event to remember. Hope to see you all next year!