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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 25, 2017

On Wednesday, July 19, I travelled all the way to Amsterdam for a the preview event of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Considering the Uncharted series is the game series I have played most of all and love above everything else, you might suspect (and would be right!) that I was totally pumped!

This preview event started with a presentation by Naughty Dog's very own Scott Lowe. Before the presentation started, I was lucky enough to steal some of his time and ask him some questions, like: "How many hours of game play this game will actually offer us?" Scott told me the development team was not specifically aiming for a goal in terms of hours of game play, but assured me it was going to be similar to other Uncharted games. And of course I asked him about his thought on garden gnomes. Scott: "I can honestly say that no one has ever asked me that question before! I actually never thought about my thoughts on garden gnomes. Should I be scared?"

After that it was presentation time for Scott, so he fired up the announcement trailer in which we see Nadine and Chloe in their upcoming action-filled adventure, which looks awesome by the way. In August 2015, The Lost Legacy was originally thought up as being a DLC package for Uncharted 4. However, in the meantime, Naughty Dog kept adding ideas to it, which made this project into what it is nowadays; a full game!

The main question was, of course, who the protagonist should be. Because, as we all know now, the adventures of Drake had come to an end. Should they come up with a brand new character or select one of the already existing ones that we've met in the previous games of the series? Eventually, they settled on Chloe Frazer; a much beloved character by fans and critics alike, so they chose to make her the protagonist of this brand new Uncharted adventure. Chloe's a thief, really bad ass and she can always get away with almost anything. Sounds like the perfect new hero, right?

In The Lost Legacy, Chloe teams up with Nadine, who was introduced first in Uncharted 4. Nadine lost her family company Shoreline after the events of Uncharted 4 and has decided to start a partnership with Chloe. You might think of Nadine as a bad guy and it's true she was involved with the antagonist party in Uncharted 4, but during this upcoming adventure, you might also notice she had her own motivation to do what she did. Both ladies have a strong personality and interesting background stories; reason enough to believe this is going to be an adventure of a lifetime!

As always, The Lost Legacy is a fictional story, built around historical facts. As earlier mentioned, this game takes place after the events of Uncharted 4. Chloe and Nadine have their eyes set on The Golden Tusk of Ganesha (the Indian elephant god). To get their hands on this treasure, they will have to use every trick in the book. The grappling hook returns; a tool that many players loved in the last game. Apart from that, a new ability has been added to our skill-set; lock picking. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to pick locks, which comes in especially handy when you come across the odd locked crate. You'll never know what you might find. There will be more collectibles; treasures, tokens and even photo's, because Chloe carries her cell phone with her. You might even find optional dialogues.

The demo we were about to play is set in Western Ghats. This part of the game is more open world. Your objective is to find four temples in this area, but you can decide for yourself in which order. You can also just run around and explore this area a little more in search for supplies and collectibles. The demo starts and I found myself in a car, similar to what you have seen in Uncharted 4. In fact, I think it's safe to say that the core gameplay elements of Uncharted 4 have been used to create this brand new adventure. And why not? Why try to improve something that is, in my humble opinion, already perfect?!

But, back to the demo; I decided to visit a temple and found an old army truck, with a crate! So I could totally try out this new lock picking mechanism. When you pick a lock, a circle appears on screen. You'll need to rotate your left thumbstick until your controller vibrates. Hold the left thumbstick in that position for a couple of seconds and one of the tumblers in the lock pops open. I needed to complete operation this two times and, presto, I could easily open the crate. And what a crate it was! Inside, I found both a treasure and a Magnum (the weapon, not the ice cream).

During the demo, Scott pointed out the option to enter combat situations in a more stealthy way. You can enter a stealth position, mark enemies and those enemies even have threat markings to tell you if they are alerted to your presence or totally at ease. I tried to finish some enemies, using the stealthy approach but, just like every time I try to be "silent like ninja", I made a mistake and was forced into blind fury mode! And let me tell you; it works, just like everything else about the game! It's like slipping into your favorite pair of sneakers; the gameplay is just as awesome as in other Uncharted games and Nadine turns out to be a very helpful character during combat and, basically, in the complete demo. The developers chose not to add a new multiplayer mode to the game but, instead, opted to include the Uncharted 4 multiplayer.

After 45 minutes it was hard for me to put my controller down. I was just in the middle of an awesome puzzle that involves giant, deadly statues and a series of platforms I had to jump on in a certain order. I almost solved it, but alas! It was already time to go home.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be released on August 23 and will, without a doubt in my mind, blow us all away! I can say for sure this character driven action adventure is everything we want from a new Uncharted game with a new protagonist!

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy release date:
August 22, 2017 (NA)
August 23, 2017 (WW)