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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 4, 2016

After seeing all the beautiful games during Nintendo's E3 presentation, we got very curious indeed and wanted to know and see more! Luckily, I had the opportunity to see and experience more! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I travelled to Nintendo to check out everything there is to know, time for some hot Nintendo news!

To start off, I was treated to a number of awesome presentations. Nintendo opened with a Toadally great one: Paper Mario Color Splash. The plot is simple; by some evil doing, colors are disappearing from the nice and colorful world. So it's up to you to bring the colors back. That's where your paint hammer comes in extremely handy. With just one smash of the tool, you can bring the paint back and restore the colors in the world. To do so, you'll need paint. You can collect paint in the three primary colors to bring back all the colors and restore the world as it once was.

The whole world of Paper Mario is made out of paper. This is nothing we haven't seen before, but it really looks more beautiful than ever. I love certain details, like the secret caves in the game. They've got an unfinished look. It's like going backstage on a carnival ride, or maybe the developers thought, well it is a SECRET cave. Maybe no one will find it, so why bother?

Of course, apart from the restoring of color to the world, you'll have to battle enemies, which makes your task more difficult. You can however use your paint in battles. When entering a combat scene, you can choose fight cards to attack enemies or restore health. Some cards are colored and some are not. Painting blank cards is possible, but you decide how much paint you want to use. Naturally, the more paint you use, the more powerful the result of that card will be.

If you've played Paper Sticker Mario on the 3DS you already know how the basic gameplay works, so for the fans of this series, Paper Mario Color Splash will be a welcome newcomer. For people who don't know this game at all.. well, just play it; it will be awesome, you won't regret it! Paper Mario Color Splash will be available October 7, 2016 for Wii U.

On to the second game of the day: Dragon Quest 7: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. A real feast for everyone who likes a nice RPG game with cool characters and funny looking enemies. In DQ7, you have lived on an island all your life, assuming there are no other islands out there. Through a series of mysterious events, you're suddenly able to travel into the past. At that time, there were more islands with people, but because of various problems, they just vanished. If you are able to help the citizens, you will change the future and the world you live in.

For example, you visit an island where all the women are gone. They've been stolen, kidnapped! Without women there is no hope and no future. (I'm sorry, guys, but that's just the way it is). But if you're able to bring the women back, life will go on. When you completed this quest and travel back to your own island in the present time, the island you just saved will appear.

Sounds familiar? That's not a big surprise, considering this is a remake of the PlayStation version from 2000. Back then it was called Dragon Warrior 7. But now, it will be available in Europe for the first time and in 3D. One of the major changes is that you can now choose whether to avoid enemies or get into combat. And of course, there is a big visual improvement. Dragon Quest 7: Fragments of the Forgotten Past will be available for Nintendo 3DSin September 16, 2016.

The third game of the day is Mario Party Rush; an upcoming party game which is made to enjoy together with your friends. Up till now, it was a matter of taking turns in the Mario Party series, but that is about to change. All players will be playing at the same time. Each turn you all start by rolling your dice after that you can decide your route across the map. The map is a big one, with lots paths to make your way across. The goal is to travel to the boss as fast as you can. Because when one player hits the boss tile, the boss fight starts! Other players will be able to join in, so from that point on, it's a question of bashing the A button to get there as fast as you can an get in on the action.

Why take a detour then, you might ask. Well, because there are lots of interesting things on the boards. The coolest new additions are the ally characters. You start the game as Toad, with a regular dice. An ally character can be chosen as the main character. Mario comes with a dice with a 0 and a 7 side. Princess peach has four 4 sides on her dice and DK has four 0 sides and four 10 sides. So you can use this special dices in your advantage, but there will be a risk. With an ally character you also have a second dice that adds one or two spaces. Plus they will fight at your sight during mini-games or boss battles. Mario Party Rush will release November 4, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

But the game we all have been waiting for is The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And let me tell you right now, it lives up to all your dreams and expectations. Link can run, jump, climb, make fire, chop trees, use a paraglide. The presentation showed us all these possibilities and some nice tips and tricks to prepare us, because... WE COULD ACTUALLY PLAY THIS GAME!!

Damn, what a lucky bastard I am! When I sat down at one of the available consoles, I noticed the cute Amiibo's of the Link wolf from Twilight Princess. So I gave the Nintendo guy my cutest look and was able to play this game with the addition of this Amiibo. The Amiibo places the wolf into the game next to Link it will help him during fights and looks adorably cute.

The whole game looks more beautiful than all its predecessors. And Link has so much abilities. The controls are so smooth and the scenery looks breath-taking. Because of Links abilities you can choose to go in any direction you wish and are actually able to get anywhere you like. Although, you have to consider the hazards in environment; one specific part of the world is a winter wonderland and Link will be cold and freeze to death if you don't prepare properly for this journey. The funny thing is there are more than one way to solve this problem. You could use a warm winter jacket, or bake some spicy peppers, or just run and eat stuff to restore your health.

I still have the feeling that I just can't stress enough how brilliant this game is. The bad news is that this game will release somewhere in 2017. The good news is, it will definitely be worth waiting for. And maybe it could be a nice launch title for the NX, who knows. I actually tried to get some answers out of the great people of Nintendo, but they all still claim that they know nothing about it.

I couldn't use all my torture techniques on them, because I didn't want to spoil my chances to play some other games in the room. Dragon Quest: Fragment of the Forgotten Past was also available. And Minecraft Wii U Edition, Monster Hunter Generations Edition, Kirby Planet Robobot and many more. But I was weak; after lunch there was an open station and the last thing I heard was some asking me if I want to play another round in this awesome open world of Zelda and another voice that whispered: Wake up, Link, Wake up...

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July 1, 2016 - Utrecht, The Netherlands