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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 23, 2016

What do you know about the Playstation VR? Do you know what it looks like? Will it be compatible with all games? Will there be exclusive games? Does it work and what will it add to your gaming experience? And can people with glasses use this gear? Well, sit back, because I visited the Sony PS Playstation VR hands-on session, so I will answer all those questions for you.

The Playstation VR looks slim, modern and is inspired by the overall look of the PlayStation 4. It is designed to let its weight rest on the top of your head. The back of your head is used to give the Playstation VR some grip. A lens at the front of the system is used to focus the image, just like binoculars. And there’s good news for people with glasses (I wore mine during this session); it will fit perfectly over your glasses, provided you’re not wearing exceptionally huge glasses, like the 1972 Granny Deluxe Special. You know, those glasses that were way too big for anyone’s face and kinda made you look like an insect. I must say the Playstation VR is much lighter than I anticipated, resulting in a very comfortable use.

But, without games, the Playstation VR is just a very big sleeping mask. When the system is finally released, there will be ten to fifteen games available, be it on launch day or very soon after that. A couple of them were playable during this session. The first game, The Deep was more an experience than an actual game. It was a nice way of getting used to wearing the Playstation VR. You’re in a diver’s cage and sink deeper and deeper into the deep blue sea. The deeper you’ll sink, the darker the environment will be. Unfortunately the creatures of the sea will too. You can’t do anything to scare them off or retaliate, so I don’t think fish is on the menu tonight.

After that, of course I was totally prepared to face any Playstation VR game. I already spotted Until Dawn: Rush of blood. Although I knew there would be some screaming involved, I also knew wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t take this opportunity to play the game. Besides, I have to offer my fellow readers a full report right? So I enter the ride, literally. Forget everything you know about Until Dawn, because the developers chose a totally different approach this time. During this demo I was in a House of Horror ride and experienced everything in first person view. The move controllers are your weapons and basically you have to shoot everything that moves, before anything can get too close to you. If you get attacked, your health drops, and when your health reaches zero, well, you die... which I did...

After that, it was time for some physical exercise; Time to play Headmaster, which is all about getting a football in the goal with your head. So I had to stand up and literally use my head. Every round is different. The first time you’ll only have to get the ball into an empty goal, but later on you’ll have to aim for point boards or avoid the keeper. It was set in a somewhat darker environment than I would expect from a soccer-type game and a voice through the speakers was telling me that I was some kind of student. So maybe there is more of a story behind this game. But I hadn’t much time to think about it, because the demo was finished and it was time for the next game.

Battlezone! Definitely a game to keep in mind. I had so much fun, playing this one. You’re the driver of a tank and have to shoot… well everything! And there is something to shoot like all the time; other tanks, towers, air forces. Visually it’s a very in-your-face game, complete with neon colored enemies. I really like Battlezone; the Playstation VR together with a dual shock controller is a good combination and it worked totally smooth and completed the experience.

The last game of the day totally convinced me that I have to have this gear: London Heist. Picture this: you’re sitting in a car next to your mafia-type friend. Pretty soon, you’ll be surrounded by maniacs on motorbikes and in cars. And believe me if I tell you that they’re not there to share a pie with you or ask for directions. No sir, they seem to want you dead, so it’s time for a little gangster style shootout! You’ll play this game with the move controllers, which adds a bit of extra excitement to London Heist. You use your hands to pick up weapons and ammo and refilling your weapon is a matter of picking up the ammo with one hand and loading your rifle by putting that hand against your hand in which you are holding your ‘gun’. That was so awesome!

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October 31, 2016