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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 1, 2017

After three months of making plans, asking people for help and spamming the internet, it was finally Saturday April 22; the day that the Sparkly Unicorn goes Retro with DumeeGamer.com's Big Red Time Machine took place in Roermond (NL) at "Het Ontmoetingscentrum". So yes, with my brand new company Sparkly Unicorn we organized the first and mighty awesome DumeeGamer.com event! And I can already tell you that it will definitely not the last event under this banner. If you missed out on this, our first ever, game event, let me give you a glimpse of the awesome day we had!

This event had a Retro theme, so think pixels and 16-bit awesomeness. The entrance of our event immediately got you in the swing of things. Let me sak you a question: How long ago is that you've played played Duck Hunt? And did you ever play it sitting at an awesome Duck Hunt pond? Of course there were many, many old consoles and we managed to arrange a PC with DOS games on it. Thanks to the great people Erik and Tonie of the soon-to-be launched company Humminggames and our dear friend Jesse Quadackers. And we even had the privilege to have a real life pinball machine present! The day before the event took place, I played a round on the Doctor Who pinball machine, which was kindly borrowed by our friend Barry.

Old games are, of course, awesome, but newer games in 16-bit style also count, don't you agree? So, we had some cool modern game in pixel style present. During the entire day, you could play Broforce by Devolver Digital on the big screen in the main hall. Broforce is an action game in which you take the role of action hero-bro's. So Robocop is RoBROcop and Rambo is RamBRO. you get the picture? Literally everything can be destroyed or will explode violently. So you can imagine the chaos, especially when you play it with four players at the same time!

The main screen was also the place to battle against other gamers in the games: Spirit Sphere, Mario Kart 64, Bomberman 2 and Mortal Kombat 3. And if managed to win at one of these games, you became the proud owner of a very unique and special Sparkly Unicorn goodie bag, which contains: the one and only Sparkly Unicorn pen, a ?10 coupon to spend at the stand of Magix Buttons, a T-shirt sponsored by Dirtees, a game mouse sponsored by Medion, a Steam key for the game Spirit Sphere and a free entrance pass to our next Sparkly Unicorn game event.

Spirit Sphere is a game by Eendhoorn Games, which we reviewed back in January 2017. It is a perfect example of a game which has been developed recently, but has the good old 16 bit style. Basically it's a match of airhockey in Legend of Zelda style. During these matches, many of the contestants where amazed by the simple gameplay and fun they had and were actually hoping that they would win the steam key, so that they could play it at home. The other three game don't need much explananing, now do they? Who didn't play Mario Kart, Bomberman or Mortal Kombat?

In the main hall you could also play on a lot of old consoles and the Classic Mini Nes, of which the production has meanwhile stopped. We also got some surprised faces when people saw a PS3 and PS4 on the table. But when they discovered the Disney Afternoon collection, or Final Fantasy IX, there were no questions anymore. You could also do some shopping at the stands of Magix Buttons and search for that specific game you always wanted, or buy a T-shirt of your favorite game, movie or cartoon character, like Captain America, Batman or Jurassic Park at the Dirtees stand. We also had a lovely lady, who was more than happy to paint your face completely in Batman or Wonder Woman style or get you whole face to look like a Mario Level.

We even had the honor to welcome some press members. Olaf of TV Ellef paid us a visit on this most glorious of days. Also, the cool ladies of Girl Gamer Galaxy played a couple of rounds of the 16-bit board game Boss Monster and challenged Melvin of Dirtees to a match. Girl Gamer Atusa was also having a blast playing a few rounds of Broforce.

The Pièce the Resistance was definitely our very own Big Red Time Machine. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you could take place in the chair of our own Big Red Time Machine and play almost every old game there is. We build much of it ourselves, but the decorations came from a second hand shop in Roermond, Annata Second Hand. It was so cool and some people just keep coming back, just to sit in it and play some more. And if you read the Time Machine article after our event you might discover some stowaways. That's why we told everyone that entering the Big Red Time Machine was absolutely at their own risk.

At the end of the day we looked back at an awesome event with many, many games to play and lots of cool people. We like to thank everyone who paid us a visit and of course the volunteers who helped us to make this day as great as possible. We can't wait till our next event and hope that you will be there with us!

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April 22, 2017 - Roermond, The Netherlands