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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on October 13, 2016

Ah, Kickstarter; what a wonderful invention! Of course, most of us have heard of quite a few big projects failing miserably when it comes to raising the needed funds. So it's extra great to see people with an awesome idea make it big! One of such groups of people is called Black Box Adventures, a Dutch board game developer. They have had a very, very successful Kickstarter campaign, and now, they've got an absolutely awesome board game to prove it! So you can imagine that this is a big deal. Sunday October 9 2016 was THE big day for Bart, Alina and Bas of Black Box Adventures. They launched their first ever board game: Revenge of the Dictators!

We at DumeeGamer.com are very proud to be the first ones ever to review Revenge of the Dictators. (the review in question can be found here). Together with some of our friends, and Bart and Alina of Black Box Adventures, who took the time to tell us all about their game, we played a glorious round in which we all tried do dominate the United States of America. After the dust settled and wounds were tended to, we could only come to one conclusion: Revenge of the Dictators is truly a masterpiece and we had the best of times while playing it! After that faithful evening, Bart, Alina and Bas visited numerous exhibitions and board game clubs and, as we already suspected, a lot of people were very enthusiastic about the game.

So Black Box Adventures, being the clever people they are, decided that it was about time to launch a Kickstarter campaign, and see if there were enough people out there, who wanted to play their game and would pay money for it. Luckily for Black Box adventures, this was definitely the case. They reached their goal of €22.000 within a month!

And after months of hard work, fine-tuning the artwork and finishing the box art, the moment is finally there. Seeing your game produced in a factory! But how do you let people know, that your game is finished? Send them an email? Of course not! Arranging a launch party is much cooler, don't you think? So last Sunday (October 9) Ferry and me travelled to Sittard and were present at this special moment.

It was a very good day; a lot of people turned up to witness this event for themselves.Black Box Adventures had invited a few board game clubs and –stores to be present at the launch party and they accepted. So, not only could you finally get your hands on am official copy of Revenge of the Dictators, you could also easily expand your game collection by buying one of numerous games that were for sale at various booths. Apart from this, there was also the chance to try out a lot of games that were set up throughout the hall. So, there really was something for everyone!

We would, once again, like to congratulate Bart, Alina and Bas from Black Box Adventures with the launch of their awesome game Revenge of the Dictators. So set your sights high, unleash your inner dictator and be sure to order your own copy of this awesome game at: info@blackboxadventures.com or at the Revenge of the Dictators Backerkit page

Black Box Adventures website
Revenge of the Dictators release date: October 9, 2016