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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 30, 2017

A press presentation by Warner Bros about upcoming games Cars 3 and LEGO Marvel super Heroes 2, time for an interview with the developers and a free lunch? Count me in! Where do I sign up?!

The Warner Bors press presentation took place yesterday, May 29, in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We were supposed to see a presentation of both Cars 3, developed by Avalanche, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, developed by TT Games. Although there was more than enough time to play both games, alas, the representative of developer TT Games was stuck in England due to a computer malfunction at British Airways, so the presentation of the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was cancelled. I will get back to this game at a later date. For now, I will concentrate on the game that started off this day: Cars 3. After we arrived at the venue, the day started with a presentation by a of the member of the Avalanche development team, Troy Johnson.

Cars 3 is a cart style game and the main thing you will be doing in this game is, of course, race. Just like in the Cars movies, the vehicles you drive around with aren't just vehicles, they're characters. So much time is spend on facial expressions and voice acting to really make those characters come alive. The two legendary Nascar drivers who provided voices for characters in the upcoming movie, also agreed to do just that for the game.

"It's always exciting to create a game about a movie or theme, that everybody knows so well. People now the characters of Cars and would be very disappointed if they do not recognize the characters. So we did our very best to develop the characters with the same facial expressions and voice acting. We work very close with the people of Pixar to create the best experience possible."

The game has different game modes. Let's start with Events; each of these events contain five different stages. Battle race is where you can race against others and use weapons to shift the odds in your favor. The Stunt Showcase is the place to earn the highest score by performing tricks. Takedown is a completely chaotic race in which you need to blow up all the dummy cars. The Best Lap Challenge speaks for itself. And then there is the Master Level Event; think of it as a boss fight level.

Other modes are: Cup Series, which is all about endurance and consistency. The Sponsored Teamplay is the place to team up with your friends. Or each person can form his of hers own team and use those teams to challenge each other. Maybe you'll get sponsored and who knows what that's is going to bring you. In the Thomasville Playground you can do anything you want, because it's the free play mode. You can drive freely and practice tricks. There are challenges that you can complete, but that's optional. In The Hall of Fame you can check your progress. Every mode offers the possibility to play this game by yourself our team up with your friends for a local coop Cars party. (except for the Sponsored Team play, this mode you can only play with at least two players)

"We focused on the experience of playing a game together. Whether you play together with your friends, kids or parents, everyone should be able to enjoy this game and that's exactly what we were aiming for when developing Cars 3. There are more cooperative and competitive modes, so I think we literally have a game that everyone can enjoy."

After you select your favorite out of the twenty-two available cars (some of which you will have to unlock, of course) you can customize the horn, light effects and turbo flames. You can earn Turbo during racing and when you use Turbo, flames will appear from the back of your car. And you can decide the shape and color of it! In case you were wondering; Yes, there is a campaign mode in this game, but because it could spoil the story of the upcoming movie, this mode was not showcased during this presentation.

Then it's racing time. There is a smart learning system added to this game. The game will automatically pop up tips during the race. If you learn how to perform this trick or use this tip, the system will not show this tip anymore. Pretty cool, don't you think?

"We currently have twenty-one different tracks; sixteen new ones and 5 tracks you might recognize if you've played Cars 2. We like those tracks so much, we've decided that they definitely should return in Cars 3."

I played a couple of rounds in Battle Race and must say; it's really easy to learn. It's not like I performed all the cool tricks like drifting and riding on two wheels during the first round, but the general gameplay is easy to master and the tips that pop up on your screen are truly helpful. They are more like gentle reminders: "Don't forget to use your Turbo!", or "Remember that you can also drive backwards."

I also found out that there were hidden shortcuts, so you'll definitely have to keep your eyes open, because these sneaky routes give you a nice advantage over the competition. Also, if you crash, you will respawn and it will cost you almost no extra time. So you'll never fall too far behind, which keeps things fair for the less experienced player in your team.

Cars 3 is all about playing games together with your friends or family. Both game and movie will launch at the same time, presumably on June 30. I can't wait to gather my family and friends for a nice evening watching the Cars 3 movie and then afterwards playing the game. So, put the pedal to the metal and enjoy playing this game together!

"Last question we always ask everyone we interview: What are your thoughts on Garden Gnomes?: "Haha, good question. Well, I think when they stand still, you're fine. When they move on their own, you should definitely run!"