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By Alex "Scorpidvenom" Adriaens on November 23, 2017

Legend of Hand is definitely a game you would not play every day. For me this game is kind of nice. It brings us back to a time with its graphics, sounds and styling.

You are a local hero (that you can name yourself) with some fighting skills. As the game starts, you'll have to find out for yourself how it works. If you never played a point and click adventure before, than it's easy to pick up. Just look at the image in front of you and by hovering over the useful objects, you will see a name tag belonging to it. As you then realise what to do with these object you will find it's solution. Just pick up items and bring it to the right person or combine it with the right object.

That is exactly how this game works. Well not exactly. You are in a point and click adventure where you can use fighting skills in! How cool can that be? Well really cool. This game looks like it has been drawn by hand with its old-school graphics. But don't let that set the tone for this game. When the story starts you will see that the game is very interesting. Because while you click on several items, you will find out that the story evolves. By finishing tasks, you will evolve in the story. For example: Someone needs a drink and you need to bring it to him. Well you can't buy it for him (no money) so you need money. Than you see someone that has another task for you. Finish that task and you will receive a coin. Whit that coin you can buy a drink to finish the other task. Get the picture? That is how this game will let you think about what to do next so it keeps you involved.

As I was playing for quite some time, I noticed that the graphics seem to belong to the game's story. It's a good fit. The sounds are also good for the vibe of the game that has a foreign retro feel to it. You will hear the occasional uhhh, uggg and aahhh but they don't sound cheap at all. It all is kind of weird and maybe a bit disturbing in the start, but it turns out to be that everything fits together.

There are multiple islands to explore and the game has about 10 hours of gameplay ready for you. This might expand as you are struggling to finish tasks. Still I do think the graphics will set back a few people because they want top notch graphics. It doesn't always mean that it's a great game. In Legend of Hand you get a really enjoyable story that reads like a book, and feels like you are part of the world. I can recommend it. Especially if you like weird story's about a hand who has fingers on each island. Ok, get the point? The game also manages to incorporate quite a bit of humor into its gameplay.

So after a few hours of playing, I can give you my thoughts about Legend of Hand. Even though this game has kind of weird graphics, crazy sounds and what not, it delivers! You can expect an awesome creative game with gameplay in mind. It want's the player to be a part of the story that you can unravel by solving mini games, finishing tasks and making the right choices. It might not be what you expect from a 2017 game, but don't be scared to try something different. If you like a well-thoughtout game, excellent music and a game that has a good feedback from the community, then be sure to check out Legend of Hand!

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Cloak & Dagger Games
September 28, 2017