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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on September 26, 2014

Minimum is an online third person shooter, available on Steam. The game only consists of a multiplayer mode, so it does not have a campaign or storyline which you can complete. Even though this is the case the developers still try to add a little lore to the game, which especially prevails in the Titan game mode. Unlike most contemporary games this game is focused solely on the gameplay and not on the graphics (because although Minimum looks good, it's presented in a minimalistic style).

There are three ways to enjoy this game:

1. Team death match: Two teams are pitted against each other in a battle of life and death. Equipped with different weapons ( even melee weapons, when you kill an enemy you can obtain special "Orbs" which increases your weapon to gain new abilities or to transform), two teams are at each other's throats. And, as you may expect, the team that has the most kills will earn the victory.

2. Titan ( The main gameplay mode ): In Titan mode, there are two teams that are trying to escort their "titans", which are in fact large robots, to the base of the opponent in order to destroy the opposing team's base core. Players can obtain different resources by killing other players. This is important, because the more resources you obtain the more powerful your titan will become.

3. Horde mode ( FOR THE HORDE! ): Let your imagination run wild and fight against ninjas, dinosaurs, samurais and astronauts. The goal is to stay in the game for as many consecutive waves as possible. Each time a couple of enemies will spawn and you need to kill them all before the next wave shows up. In horde mode, you take on this arduous task with 3 teammates. This because horde can only be played in parties of four people... (I think that most people, like me, would absolutely like this part of the game.)

In Minimum you will receive different missions you need to complete to gain more abilities to create armor, obtain weapons or get higher ranks. Of course in the beginning these missions will be very simple, like "Earn 10 kills". But the longer you play the harder the missions get, these missions will also have you craft newer and more powerful weapons.

The crafting of weapons and armor is an important part of the Minimum gameplay, or at least of you want to have a shot at winning. During the game, when you kill an enemy player he will drop upgrades and crafting components ( these components can be picked up by anyone, so loot stealing is an obvious factor you need to take in consideration ). The upgrade components are instantly used (automatically) to upgrade your currently equipped weapon. Each weapon has 5 to 10 upgrade stages, each making it more useful and powerful. It should be noted that if you die you'll lose all upgrade progress on your weapon.

The crafting components are used differently, you can use these to craft and upgrade armor, which is highly advised. Unlike the weapon upgrade progress you will not lose any upgrades for your armor when you die. While playing the game we crafted and upgraded armor several times and although it is pretty quick to do so once you know your way around, it is a little bit frustrating start crafting stuff, knowing that the action around you won't even stop for a second. But hey, that's multiplayer gaming for you.

The final way to craft items is not done in-game, so it can only be done in between matches or before even starting matchmaking. This way of crafting grants you new weapons and devices. Before you are able to craft a weapon or device you will need enough crafting components to be able to buy the blueprints. After you have bought the blueprint you are then able to craft the selected weapon and/or device.

There are a lot of weapons to choose from, for instance blades/swords, (sub)machine guns and launchers (rocket/plasma). Besides weapons you can also get your hands on devices like turrets and or grenades. Due to the fact that there's so much to choose from, anyone should be able to create a loadout that fits his or her specific needs or play style. Regarding the loadouts: you can create 6 different loadouts which, like we got used to in recent years, you are able to select before the game starts or switch between while waiting to respawn.

One of the things we noticed while we were playing around however is that there are quite some people that chose a sword as their weapon of choice, which usually gives them a simple one hit kill. Now, we don't want to sound like critics but this should be something for the developer to take a look at to balance the strength of weapons a little.

Humanhead states that they are planning on implementing a ranking system and this is something we would like to see, because right now the game and its pace could be a little too much for the average or occasional gamer. The ranking system, if implemented correctly so that the ranking is looked at whilst matchmaking, would make sure these gamers don't get overrun, especially in the early stages of the match.

Hey, don't take our word for it, you guys need to see it for yourself... just believe it's worth the try!
So: Gather. Craft. Play... and read all about it on!

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Human Head Studios & Atari
September 10, 2014