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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on April 20, 2015


The Earthrealm is in danger once again; Shinnok has escaped from the prison the elder gods have put him in over 20 years ago and he is determined to rule over all inhabitants of earth. Of course the warriors of Earthrealm are not going to let this happen, at least not without putting up one hell of a fight!

NetherRealm Studios has once again granted us the ability to spill some (read: a lot of) blood and disembowel our greatest enemies. The basics of the game have not changed: Two fighters, one arena and an extensive arsenal of characters and abilities to make the aforementioned bloodshed possible. The starting roster consists of 23 playable characters with among them the fan favorites: Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Liu Kang and Raiden. But also newcomers like Cassie Cage, Kotal Kahn and Kung Jin. The 2 other characters which make up the roster of 25 are Shinnok, which is unlocked after you play trough the story once and Goro. Goro however, will only be playable for the people who decided to pre-order the game or buy one of two available limited collector’s editions of Mortal Kombat X.

In addition to this throng of characters, a few DLC characters have already been announced. Later this year Tremor and Tanya will also enter the tournament together with none other than ‘Mr. Friday the thirteenth’ himself: Jason Vorhees and the best damn hunter this world has ever seen: Predator.

The developers at NetherRealm Studios may not have changed the basic concept of the game, but this installment will nevertheless vary from the previous iterations of the franchise. Each character comes in three distinct variations, each with its own distinct special moves and powers. Though these variations are all based on the basic character, they change the fighting style drastically. Another thing that has changed is the pace of the game; this is probably one of the fastest Mortal Kombat games we ever got our hands on.

The ending of the matches has also been changed quite a bit in MKX. Don’t worry, you still get to slice people in half by executing a Fatality but you’ll also get the chance to perform Faction kills and Brutalities. We will get back to those Faction kills in a sec, but first we want to talk about Brutalities. Firstly, every character gets five of them! Two which can be used by every variation, and the other three are variation-specific (one per variation). Furthermore, to perform a brutality you’ll have to meet certain requirements during the match, ranging from "use three interactable objects" to "win with a flawless victory". After these criteria are met, you’ll have to perform a specific (normal) move which has to be the killing blow of that round. So after you’ve done all that, just sit back and watch the fun ensue; heads popping off, limbs flying everywhere and everything else the team at NetherRealm could come up with. When using Brutalities, you won’t get the well-known "Finish Him/Her!" section. But hey, what’s there to finish, when you’ve already reduced your opponent to a bloody pulp, right?!

Now let us move on to the faction kills. Let’s start at the beginning. When you first launch MKX you’ll get to choose a faction (don't worry, you can switch later). Each faction has specific faction kills you unlock as you progress through the ranks, all 50 of them. These faction kills can be executed in the final "Finish Him/Her!" sequence of the fight and believe me when I tell you that they are just as awesome as the Fatalities and Brutalities. The addition of faction kills means that when you have beaten your opponent you get to choose between not one, not two, but NINE! ways to finish them off once and for all… unless he or she clicks rematch, in which case you can annihilate them all over again!

Are you a fighting game enthusiast? Or are you just angry about something and want to release that stress? Either way, get yourself a copy of Mortal Kombat X! But I feel a warning is in order at this point. After playing for a while, you might just start to scare people around you. I mean, just imagine yourself: pulse racing, a vein throbbing on your forehead, while screaming “WHO’S NEXT?!” at the top of your lungs…

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April 14, 2015