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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on September 21, 2017

Do you guys remember playing Tetris back in the day? Oh you do, do you? Well, today we are going to take a look at a game which is somehow very alike to Tetris yet very different! Just like in Tetris, variously shaped blocks come raining down from above and your objective is to stack them, usually as efficiently as possible. Contrary to Tetris, however, nothing happens when you form a line. In fact, it is basically not possible to form a line from side to side. The ultimate objective of the game we are looking at today will have you constantly on your toes and will make sure you are constantly strategizing about the next move you make.

The game we are looking at is Tricky Towers which is, as some of you might know, not a completely new game. It originally released in August of 2016 on the Steam platform and the Playstation 4. However, since September 15, it is also available on Xbox One and with this release on a new platform the Devs over at WeirdBeard Games (yeah, awesome studio name, isn't it?) gave us not just a "simple" port, they also gave us an awesome exclusive Single player mode. But before we get into that, let us talk about what makes Tricky Towers the cool game it is, shall we?

As stated earlier, Tricky Towers shares some similarities with Tetris, by which we mean it is a block stacking game using quite similar Block shapes. In contrast to the latter though, Tricky Towers has several distinct game modes and in none of them you have to make sure your screen stays as empty as possible. Instead, you will constantly have to be thinking about the physics of the blocks and how gravity interacts with them. Another thing that helps separate Tricky Towers more from Tetris is the fact that Tricky Towers has several game modes in which the objective you are trying to achieve greatly varies from mode to mode.

With the game modes ranging from the truly puzzling puzzle mode in which you have to make sure that your Tetromino shaped blacks do not ever touch the laser, to stacking your blocks to the finish the set line height as fast as possible, Tricky Towers is truly challenging. Every step of the way, you will have to be aware how you place your blocks, because one false move will make sure that a chain reaction of instability will start, making your structure come crashing down into the water. What also sets this block stacking game apart is that you can use magic, yes magic! Once you reach certain goals during your skyscraper like creation you get one of 19 magic spells which you can release to your benefit or to your opponent's detriment. These spells range from creating a solid block which is no longer affected by physics for yourself to making sure your opponent's head is spinning by blocks flying down at hyper speed.

As on PC and PS4, the Xbox version also lets you challenge the entire world with it's very positively received multiplayer experience. However, now you can not only challenge your friends ( or random strangers on the interwebz) now you can also just challenge yourself in all of the game modes that Tricky towers offers you in the all new, shiny and did I already say, exclusive, singleplayer mode. No longer do you have to wait for everyone to get in on the fun during your coffee or lunch break, you can just get up and go; stack some bricks to try and complete the challenges set out for you. In the singleplayer mode, you will be challenged at an ever increasing level and if you feel really brave you can always select the game mode you like and start an endless run. And, true to its name, these type of runs will only end when you fu.. Euhm scre.. Euuhm, find yourself unable to increase your score any further.

So, are you the puzzling type of guy or gal? Or are you trying to always best your friends at everything? Then what are you still doing here??? Go over to the Xbox Live or Steam Store and go get Tricky Towers now!!! If you'd rather have a boxed version, you will have to wait for November 3; this is when Tricky Towers will be physically released for PC and Playstation 4. But whatever way you choose to play the game, I'll bet my entire years' salary here at to the fact that you can never beat my stacking talent...

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WeirdBeard Games
October 5, 2016