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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on December 23, 2015

With December drawing to a close, we almost forgot the set of free games microsoft has bestowed upon us this month. This December (or whatís left of it) we will be able to enjoy titles like: Thief and The Incredible Adventures of van Helsing on XBox One. For the Xbox 360, Microsoft has Castlestorm, Sacred 3 and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising lined up. Of course, since the last major update for the XBox One all of the 360 titles will also be playable on the Xbox One.

But right now, letís talk about our experiences with The Incredible Adventures of van Helsing; an action role playing hack and slash game by independent developer NeocoreGames who have set up shop in Hungary.

As with most, if not all, Games with Gold titles van Helsing is most certainly not a new game. In fact, it was originally released back in 2013 for both the XBox One and Windows/Apple computers. And although the title is over 2 years old, the in-game graphics are well polished and have stood the test of time. Do not expect jaw dropping visuals, but the graphics of van Helsing are still something NeoCore can be proud of.

As stated, The Incredible Adventures of van Helsing is a Action RPG and you will soon find yourself hacking and slashing through monsters, animals and robots alike. The setting you are placed in is based on Bram Stoker's Dracula, which, for those of you who don't know already, is 19th century Europe. The game isnít set in exactly the same fictional universe as the book, but rather one that is just a tad (understatement) more twisted, featuring "monsters, magic and weird technology". That last part is a direct quote from the dev team itself.

The plot revolves around a young Van Helsing, a gothic noir hero with a flair for the dramatic and romantic gloom. Van Helsing tends to see the world in black and white, taking everything just a bit too seriously. He is the protagonist of his own grand tale, narrating his own adventures almost continuously. Now, a strange twist of fate brings him to the aid of the ancient and noble monsters of Borgovia, and he will embark on the most incredible adventure of his life.

So we go to Borgovia; the kingdom on the very edge of the map, the dark place where all legendary monsters used to roam. Here you will explore the snow-capped mountains and forests of the wilderness and walk the sprawling, gothic city of Borgovia. Borgovia is the town of black stones, marble spikes and gloomy courtyards where the helpless citizens need a new hero to free them from the nightmares of science. The van Helsing family is well-known in and around Borgovia for their hunting skills, and itís exactly these skills that we will need in order to fight whatever frightening beasts and other assorted bad guys NeoCore has come up with.

The game has various difficulty settings, as is to be expected from any modern game. But even when we started playing on the Ďnormalí setting (which is far from the hardest), we found ourselves running for our very lives on more than one occasion. In fact, most of the time, we seemed to be running away from the danger, slowly but steadily chipping away at enemy hordes until we could finally gain the upper hand. It is really something, watching your screen slowly fill up with tons of (were)wolves, over-grown bats and minotaur like creatures. Take your time, plan your strategy carefully and please, donít go storming headlong into every fight, because if you do, you wonít last very long...

So, when you decide to download this game this month (which we really think you should), be ready for a huge challengeÖ because The Incredible Adventures of van Helsing will definitely provide you with one!

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May 22, 2013