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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 24, 2017

I think I would be a great detective; I love to solve riddles and puzzles, so solving mysteries wouldn't be a problem I guess. On second thought, I would not be so keen to inspect a crime scene in the dark, cold night and maybe even put my life at risk by doing so. Hmm, maybe I will have to think this through some more before I venture out on this career switch. And what better way to experience a glimpse of what it is like to be a detective without actually putting yourself at risk than by playing a videogame, right?

Adam Wolfe happens to be a detective, and not just detective, but a supernatural one! I personallythink that can only work in your advantage. And who is Adam Wolfe, you ask? Well, he is the great and awesome protagonist of the latest game by Mad head Games: Adam Wolfe!

Adam Wolfe is a neo-noir hidden object adventure game. The city of San Francisco is where Adam lives and works. The city is afflicted by several cases of fire outbreaks and no one has been able to explain what happened and, more importantly, how. That's where Adam comes in. With his extensive experience in the field of the supernatural, he might just be able to solve this mystery.

But Adam has problems of his own to deal with; his sister Allie has been missing. Has she been kidnapped, did she run away, or worse, has she been murdered? He wants to know the truth and starts his own investigation. But is it possible that both cases, which don't seem at all connected at first glance, actually do have something that links them together? Who will say? I guess that is something you'll have to figure out for yourself.

Adam has some cool stuff to help him during his adventure; with his mobile phone he can consult Marv, his friend who also works at the police station. His phone is also the place to check your objectives, send photos to Marv and the ideal way to fast travel. Adam also can focus his mind and see beyond time, a talent no one else has. For instance, he is able to determine that an umbrella that is lying on the floor has actually been knocked over in a struggle or something like that. And although this power is already awfully cool, the best piece of equipment in his arsenal is definitely his watch!

At first you might think it's broken, because it doesn't run anymore. But if you set it at a certain time it will show you a vision of what happened in the past. So, if someone broke in to your apartment, you can set the time of your watch to last night and see what happened in your apartment. Unfortunately, you can't see faces; during these flashbacks of the past the environment turns a bit darker and characters are just shiny silhouettes.

During the game you won't see Adam walking around. The game is in first person view and lets you decide in which direction you want to go next. You can make your choice with a simple mouse click. This game might remember you of point and click games; it has puzzles, hidden objects aspects and even some action moments. I have to admit I had some jump scares, because an enemy did something unexpected. Luckily Adam also carries a gun!

Adam Wolfe is a magnificent game for everyone who likes a cool puzzle game with hidden object elements and a gripping story. You can play the first episode as a free demo and after that you decide if you want to buy the whole game. Fair offer right? The developers didn't use mind-blowing 3d graphics and effects, but the beautifully painted 2D visuals definitely look really good. And there is more going on than in a typical hidden object game. The developers managed to successfully combine point and click gameplay with an awesome story-driven game, as well as with hidden object aspects; so we get the best of three genres!

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Mad Head Games
April 11, 2017