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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 31, 2018

Getting funded by a Kickstarter campaign and being featured often in top horror game lists from around the world. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true! For a game called Agony, this is nothing but the god-honest truth! And, with this game's full release on May 29th, it's about time to check it, wouldn't you agree?

To be honest, at first I didn't know what to make of this game. I saw several trailers, which showed a game that looked scary and filled with gore. The trailers also gave me the impression that it was more like a walking SIM in a horror setting than actually a terrifying horror game. And where are all the big guns? The developers themselves have categorized Agony as being a survival horror game, so, I was very curious to see what the game actually would be like and if I could survive this hell without big guns.

In Agony, you play a nameless character and all you can remember is falling a long, long way. During the intro this fall is shown and you land on a path with big doors at the end. The first thing I did was look behind me; you'll never know what you may find there. But in this case it was not very hopeful; just a big frightening hole filled with fire. Okay, to the doors then! This not so very happy place is the domain of the Red Goddess. You're not sure why you are there or what business you have with this hellish creature, but you have questions and she might be the person who has all the answers. So, it's up to you to seek out this Red Goddess and try to find all the answers you'll need.

While making your way through this infernal world, you can move and turn the camera around as per usual in first person games. Your character is also able to jump and sprint, but doing so will consume stamina. You can also activate a magical beam to point you towards your next goal, but note that this feature's source is also limited. The only thing that bothered me a little while playing Agony is that your character walks really slow, so I would love run while exploring to speed things up, but I can't because of the stamina limit. But then again, after your come across your first enemy, the need for moving fast (and also loud) is suddenly not so big anymore.

The enemies you'll face are demon-like creatures that look very evil and very awesome. The developers did a great job designing and creating them! And the fact that you can do nothing accept try to avoid them, makes them even more scarier. You just want to stay out of their way and if they see you, just get the hell out of there and use the hiding possibilities in the level. A crack in the wall or a hole to crouch into; you'd better keep an eye out for such things while making your way through the environment, just in case an emergency comes up!

During the game, you can collect statues and pictures which will give you points that unlock additional content in the main menu gallery. Another one of these collectibles are apples, also known as the Forbidden Fruit. You can use apples to earn skill points. I was happy for five seconds, when I found my first skill point and entered the skill menu. I saw only four skills to unlock, so I thought I would be fully upgraded in no time flat. But, as you might suspect, each skill has a symbol and it takes more than one apple to completely unlock it. Silly me, what was I thinking? That this would be a walk in the park?

I played the PS4 version of Agony and, although it still looks good, I must say that I wasn't totally blown away by the graphics. The trailers that I saw looked more spectacular and more polished. I think this might be one of those games that are originally designed for PC's with high specs, probably higher specs than the current consoles. Maybe a bit of polishing will do the trick, because it looks like there's glitter on the characters and environment from time to time. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't look bad, not by a long shot. I just noticed some flaws in the environment, but it never hampered my gameplay in any way.

Agony has a single player story mode, which is already a hard nut to crack. But to really test your skills, you definitely should try Agony Mode. This is a separate game mode from the story and will allow players to take on different challenges, while competing against other players around the world with scores posted on a leader board.

So, to wrap things up. I can only say that Agony offers you a true horror experience and even without the big guns I managed to make my way through this version of hell. It might not have been the scariest game I've ever played, but it certainly is eerie and nerve wrecking. So, if you're up for a good scare, just give this game a whirl!

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Madmind Studio & Playway
May 29, 2018