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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 23, 2016

Sometimes you come across a game that is so simple yet so impressive at the same time. I am a Brave Knight is such a game. Let me explain why.

What I am a Brave Knight basically does, is tell you a story. Most of us think of Knights as being brave warriors, who will die for honor and fight for a noble cause. Riding around on their beautiful white horses, theyíre either off to take on the next quest, or are being welcomed home by cheering crowds in celebration of their latest victory and safe return. Almost every kid has, once in its life, dressed up as a knight to pick a swordfight with his friends. How fantastic it was to enter this fantasy world so easily.

This game shows us that everyone can be brave knight. We donít slay dragons anymore or wear shiny armor, but everyone has his or her own quests and battles to overcome. Life isnít always easy and has its ups and downs. Thatís what this game is all about. You will follow the life story of a simple man, starting as a young boy.

Instead of controlling a character, the only thing you have to do is copy the letter symbols shown on your screen. You only have to draw the correct symbols with your finger to proceed. Doing so sets two things in motion. A scene will be played as you draw the letter symbols. Also one word will appear at the bottom of the screen, which describes the scene and signifies a deeper thought or feeling. These words are well chosen; they even managed to bring tears to my eyes.

Within ten minutes, this game is over and youíll know all there is to know about the life of one simple man: his happy and sad moments. You can totally relate to these moments, because we all experienced at least one of them. I am a Brave Knight is beautifully designed and I personally think that anyone who can tell such a touching story in ten minutes is an awesome developer. Very good job!

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January 30, 2014