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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 5, 2015

Take a peek in the troubled lives of two teenagers and try to make things better? No, you don't have to make a career switch to child welfare. You only have to play the new point and click game by Double Fine.

Broken Age is developed and released in two acts. The first act was released on January 28 and with the release of Act 2 on April 28, a full adventure is ready to be explored. So grab the popcorn and your mouse, sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy the full experience of Broken Age.

There are two teenagers in this game; a girl named Vella (voiced by Masasa Moyo) and a boy named Shay (voiced by Elijah Wood). At first glance, their stories don't seem to be connected to each other in any way. Shay lives a dull life on a spaceship, controlled by a computer who's dying to be called 'Mother' by Shay. Vella, on the other hand, lives in a little bakertown and every 14 years this town is shaken up by a monster, which can only be satisfied by feeding it young girls. Vella is one of the chosen girls, who are going to be sacrificed to the monster. And, unlike the other chosen girls, she's not that excited about this dubious honor.

You take control of Vella and Shay and help them deal with their respective problems. You can choose which character you want to start with. During the game or act you can switch freely between the characters, which gives you the opportunity to take your mind off a particularly nasty puzzle when you get stuck. You can also choose to finish the storyline of one of them and then play the other one. I was surprised that I didn't have a favorite character. I liked the storyline of Vella very much, because she's a bit of a rebel. But then I got into the story of Shay and I found myself thinking: "he's a tough kid too".

I was lucky enough to receive this game for PS4/PS Vita. It's a Cross Buy game, so I can play this game on both systems. (Keep in mind that you'll need PlayStation Plus to make use of the game's Cross Save feature) Although it works fine on PS4, when I tried it on PS Vita I thought this was the perfect way to play Broken Age. You can use the touch screen instead of a pointer. You can easily access your inventory, the menu and the eye icon, which shows you the points of interest. So, to everyone who is going to develop Point and Clicks, please consider making it available for PS Vita. It's great!

The First Act of Broken age wasn't that hard. Most of the times it's apparent what you'll have to do and it doesn't take Indiana Jones to find the objects you need to complete the puzzles. That's fine by me, it gives me time to get to know Vella and Shay and enjoy the fantastic graphics of this game. Especially the world of Meriloft; a beautiful cloud world.

But in the Second Act things get a bit harder. The story has more to it than you initially might think. The stories of Shay and Vella start intertwining and although I don't want to spoil anything, I can tell you it surprised me quite a bit, mainly because it's very well written. Also, the difficulty level of the puzzles goes up to the next level. While on the spaceship, you can use teleports, but there's a catch. There is a certain system to using them and that can be a bit of a challenge at times.

Broken Age is a well-written and beautifully made Point and Click adventure. If you like games like King's Quest 7, you're definitely going to enjoy Broken Age. It's not that long in hours of gameplay (4 till 5 hours), but the story and characters will make you curious, and you will definitely want to know what happens next. As well as the story, the puzzles are taken up a notch and will really challenge you. So in short: Broken age is really worth a shot!

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Double Fine
April 29, 2015