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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 11, 2016

Imagine this; youíre old enough for people to call you grandma or grandpa and, unfortunately, Death visits you to tell you your time on this Earth is up. That would be... well, not so awesome. But instead of accepting this fate, a couple of the golden oldies decide to give themselves a fighting chance.

To extend their lives, these crafty and crusty ol coots come up with a race: the Coffin Dodgers race. Basically, these fearless grannies will have to race for their lives... literally! Each race starts with eight people. The most important thing is to not finish last, or else youíll get a one way ticket to the afterlife. So to quote my favorite band in the whole wide world: "Be quick or be dead."

The most awesome thing about this game is that youíre not participating in this race in a fancy kart or racecar. No, completely in style with your age, you will ride a nice scooter. And of course, youíll need to defend yourself and make sure no one stands between you and victory. To this end, you can use your walking cane as a club to hit the other racers with. Who said anything about elderly people being nice and peaceful?

Apart from your walking stick, you can get your hands on other weapons or armor. What to think about rockets, oil or an Uzi? Another very helpful item in this game is a shield, especially when youíre in first place. You can get your hands on these items, by driving through one of the question mark blocks that are hovering above the track. Iím pretty sure a lot of you are thinking: ďOh, itís a Mario Kart game!Ē

And yes, Coffin Dodgers definitely seems to be inspired by the Mario Kart or Wacky Wheels games. Having said this, it would be too easy and quite unjust to simply call Coffin Dodgers a rip off, because itís not! In Coffin Dodgers, you can choose a character to play as and a scooter to race around in. As you progress through the game, you can even upgrade your ride to become an even better contender. From engine to the paint job, everything can be personalized and upgraded to perfectly suit your taste, wishes and playing style. I like the fact that you can upgrade your ride; itís like you being rewarded for your triumphs and use them to your advantage.

And believe me when I say that you are going to need this upgrade system, because youíll have to reach the required position at the end of the race, or your game (and your life) is over. Of course, you always can retry the race. At the start of every round, Death will tell you how many racers he will take back to the afterlife, so make damn sure youíre not in this bottom section when the race is over. You definitely donít want to end at the bottom!

The controls of Coffin Dodgers are pretty basic and easy to learn. I always appreciate this in a game, especially when itís meant to be played together with your friends. This game offers you the possibility to play a local race with up to four players competing at the same time. Coffin Dodgers offers a single player story-campaign to play, a split screen multiplayer mode and, last but not least, the Crazy Grandad Mode. This mode lets you test your abilities to the very limit in an open 3D world. There are seven quirky old people to choose from and if you play this game well, you can even unlock and play as Death himself.

I really enjoyed playing Coffin Dodgers. Yes, there was an occasional pixel that seemed to stand in my way and you have to hit the question mark blocks with quite a bit of accuracy. But hey, you canít expect Death to go easy on you when youíre literally racing for your life! So the next time you see a couple of old people on scooters, cutting you off and driving around like maniacs; go easy on them, they could be racing for their lives!

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Milky Tea & Wales Interactive
May 6, 2016