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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 6, 2018

Before I start, I have a confession to make; I didn't start playing Diablo until Diablo III was first released in May of 2012. My husband Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams, on the other hand, did play Diablo 1 & 2, including all expansions and was so looking forward to this game. But I didn't know it, didn't much care about it; until, that is, I saw Ferry actually play it...

I was intrigued by all the awesomeness that I saw on the screen and asked if I could try it. Well, needless to say that, from that moment, I was hooked! Originally, Diablo III was released for PC but, in the meantime, the game has managed to find its way onto most consoles as well! At the time of writing, I've played and completed Diablo III on PC, PS3 and PS4. So, last weekend, it was time to put the Nintendo Switch version of the game to the test! And again, I was not disappointed!

I'm sure most of us already know the setting and basic story of Diablo III. Twenty years after the events of Diablo 2 we're back in Sanctuary, the dark fantasy world in which the Diablo series games are set. The story starts when a star falls out of the sky and you are the one that has to investigate this mysterious event. Soon after, you will discover this fallen star is no mere piece of space rock, but it's actually a person. Now, the term fallen star may be standard practice in Hollywood, where famous people do fall from grace from time to time, but on Sanctuary, when someone uses the term Fallen Star, they are actually referring to a heavenly body. Anyway, you set out to investigate this strange phenomenon and from there on out, things get really weird and dangerous (of course, why wouldn't they...) really fast. And best of all, there's a lot of hacking and slashing involved!

A release on the Nintendo Switch is a very special moment and of course Nintendo made sure that there will be a hint of Nintendo in this game. This Diablo III Switch edition is called the Eternal Collection and contains the original Diablo III game, the expansion Reaper of Souls and the Rise of the Necromancer pack. This means seven classes, five acts, and seasons' worth of demon-smashing. But this is not all: What would be more awesome then being able to become the demon king Ganondorf himself? The most evil villain that Nintendo has ever come up with, pitted in a ferocious battle against the demon minions of the single greatest evil in the world?

The Diablo III Eternal Collection will also feature new monsters, challenge modes, locations and much, much more of the good stuff! With all the new things that are coming your way, you might be wondering if the game you'll play is still the Diablo III game that we all have come to know and love so much? Well, let me assure you that this is certainly the case!. For the fans of the series, and of Diablo III in particular, the Eternal Collection offers you the core game with all the extras and some cool new additions and an awesome Nintendo treat! And if, in the rare case that something like this can ever come to pass, you have never ever had the chance to play Diablo III and own a Nintendo Switch, do yourself a favor and get this collection, because this is the most complete Diablo III package you will ever find!

I'm pretty sure most of you will know the famous saying in one of the more well-known Nintendo games: "It's dangerous to go alone." Well, Nintendo still wholeheartedly believes in this phrase and has therefore made sure that you can enter this world of terror and danger with three of your friends. Whether you like to play local or online, Nintendo has got your back. And everyone can choose a character that suits their personal style. Whether you want to play as a Barbarian, a Crusader, a Demon Hunter, a Monk, a Necromancer, a Witch Doctor or a Wizard, Diablo III has a character for you!

From the first moment the intro starts I started to feel all fuzzy inside. The moments in which I meet Leah, Cain and the Stranger, all bring back memories of hours and hours of time spent on Sanctuary, wielding some huge weapon and decimating the demonic forces of Diablo. The transfer from PC to console was something that had me a bit worried when the first console version was announced. And I was surprised to see how well it worked when it finally came out. So I was confident that this time wouldn't be different and I couldn't wait to see what Nintendo would throw in to make this version a worthy addition to the ever-growing Diablo III family. The quality of the graphics, the smooth controls and the nice little Nintendo touch; it's like it's Christmas already!

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November 2, 2018