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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 22, 2016

As some of you may know, there is going to be a DumeeGamer.com wedding this year. Iím marrying Ferry ďSadhonkerĒ Adams this August! This means thereís a lot of preparation to do. And what better way to get in the right frame of mind than by playing a wedding-themed game?

Orchid Games and G5 Entertainmentís Royal Trouble - Hidden Honeymoon Havoc is the sequel to their 2012 game: Royal Trouble - Hidden Adventures. After the two charming royal heirs fell in love itís time for a wedding and after that, a honeymoon! This is exactly where our story begins. Princess Loreen and Prince Nathaniel are on their honeymoon and decide to pay Merry Castle a visit because of its rollercoasters and magic tents. But they get into trouble almost the minute they enter this magical place.

You can control both Loreen and Nathaniel during their adventures. Princess Loreen is a bit of a though cookie, but will always mind her manners. Prince Nathaniel is quite full of himself, but his heart is in the right place. Once at Merry Castle, they get separated, so naturally their first priority is to find their beloved other as quickly as possible. And, as some of you might have already suspected, we are going to help them.

The game is filled with puzzles for you to solve. Most of the time itís just a matter of finding items, combining them and finally using them in the right spot in order to open a locked door or reveal a hidden passage. For instance, at some point in the game I needed something to lure a particularly stubborn donkey away from a door I needed to enter. Well, I found what I needed, but it was stored in a sturdy bag which was, in turn, sealed with a thick leather belt. I couldnít get the belt off with my bare hands, so I needed something to help me open the bag. This is the kind of puzzle you often come across in Hidden Honeymoon Havoc; not too easy, not too hard but a lot of fun!

When playing Hidden Honeymoon Havoc, I noticed something different from other hidden object games Iíve played. In Hidden Honeymoon Havoc, the objects youíll need to find in order to solve a certain puzzle arenít necessarily located in one and the same room. Youíll quickly find that, most of the time, youíre able to travel back and forth through three or four rooms when searching for the items you need. I personally think thatís a great way of setting up a puzzle; it requires a bit more thinking than regular hidden object games. Hidden Honeymoon havoc also contains a number of mini games, in which youíll have to play a tune on a piano, or solve a jigsaw puzzle, among others. If these challenges are too hard for you, you can choose to skip them, but I say skipping is for the weak! Well, except when youíre outside in the sunshine, among rainbows, butterflies and unicorns... ahem, excuse me, I got carried away for a bit.

The scenery in Hidden Honeymoon Havoc looks great and is filled with tons of tiny little details that make the game even more enjoyable. A nice side mission in this game is collecting lion heads for Nathanielís family crest. Not real lion heads, mind you! Lion head-shaped ornaments is a better way to call them. There are a total of 29 lion heads for you to find, one in each scene of the game. As you progress through the story, these lion heads become increasingly more difficult to find. At one point I needed to take a closer look at a spiderís web to discover it was shaped like a lionís head. I donít know about you, but I just love that kind of detail!

The story of Hidden Honeymoon Havoc is filled with jokes and funny remarks, making it a very fun game to play. The lines of dialog and characters are well balanced and help you really feel for the two unfortunate newlyweds and, more importantly, make you want to help them. Jokes, heroic one-liners and a dose of romance; itís all there. So, if my honeymoon would come to a point that Ferry and I get separated, Iím totally prepared to solve all kinds of puzzles in order to get back to my sweetheart.

available on:

Orchid Games & G5 Entertainment
December 30, 2015 (iOS)
March 10, 2016 (Android & Kindle Fire)