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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 22, 2017

Last February, I visited the Screenshake event in Belgium. One of the games I saw that day was a Splitscreen Arcade Arena Combat game called Hoverloop by Belgian developer, Not a Company. One of the developers, Philippe Mesotte, took time out of his busy schedule to tell me more about their upcoming title. Since then, I received the early access version of Hoverloop. Since this game is centered around getting gamers back into local coop, I invited my brother Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee over to join me. So let's take a look at how the developers have spent their time since February.

So, what is Hoverloop? Well, it's primarily an arena combat game in which each of the players controls a customizable drone. Each player takes their drone and pits it against their opponents. When you start the game, you choose a drone, after which you will be able to customize things like its color, its hat (yes, really, its hat!) and tail. Each drone has its own unique ability like Teleport, Deathray, Reverse Controls, Super Speed or Shield. After that, it's time to choose between all the available game modes. You can either work together or battle against other players. Especially for a game in its early access stage, I think there are already a lot modes to choose from.

Of course, as one might suspect, there is a Death Match mode. You can choose between the regular one and Team Death Match. Enter the arena and be the last man standing or, in this case, the last drone hovering. You'll start the match without any weapons whatsoever and will have to search the arena to find some. There are all kinds of weapons for you to find. And although a health gun comes in very handy from time to time, I hear myself shouting: "No, Not that health gun! Please give me something that will literally blow the minds of the other players, please!" Lucky for me, my favorite weapon of all time is also present in Hoverloop; a shotgun!

The less violent mode is Tag, which is basically. well, exactly like playing tag, but with drones in the arena. It's fun when you have more than two players, especially when you have a friend that's busy with his or her cell phone or other distractions. The more clumsy they are, the easier this mode will be for you. But alas, my bro always pays attention when it comes to games, so I lost. After a few rounds of tag, we decided to move on to another mode.

Assault is a really cool game mode that is more or less the Hoverloop version of Capture the Flag. First you'll need to destroy two shield generators to gain access to your opponent's base. When the shields are down, you can giving capturing his or her flag a try. And Magic Mike can, once again, proudly say that he defeated his own sister! Blast, how could I let that happen? Well, that's no big deal, I will defeat him in another match.

I simply love the Battle Royal! In a constantly shrinking arena you have to be the last man standing. That sounds simple, right? Well, let me tell you that is not simple at all. One bad maneuver or hesitation and it's hasta la vista, baby! But as you can imagine, your also laughing your ass off! Hilarious game mode, especially with your friends. (and Mike won again! How is this possible?)

Last but not least, we entered the last mode; Air hockey! I love this one, it's my personal favorite. You have to push the puck into the enemy goal with your drone or by shooting at it with discs. First player to reach 20 points is the winner. You'll get the hang of it faster than the speed of light and soon, you are playing air hockey like a pro. And then suddenly all things go really crazy; Overdrive! The air hockey play area turns into a groovy disco and pucks are everywhere. Just try to keep twenty pucks out of your goal, when they come at you from all directions. Totally insane and awesome!

In the menu, you'll notice there is an additional mode, called 'Anti Grav', which is not playable yet. Now, this sounds like something I really want to play. Just imagine what this mode could hold for us. Maybe you'll be in the air and have to shoot your opponents out of the a floating arena with discs. Or play tag in outer space, at a very slow pace? Or it's air hockey with multi level goals to shoot the puck at? (@the guys from Not a Company; you can use these ideas for free. Just call it Dumeegamer Mode or something and I'm happy)

Hoverloop is meant to bring people together again and have fun while gaming. You can play it in the comfort of your own home and enjoy all this Hoverloop fun with up to four players. If your friends are too lazy to come over or you have a definite lack of friends in general, you can always choose to play online. Whatever your choice; just believe me when I say that Hoverloop is one hell of an awesome party game. It looks great, the drones are really cool and it's one of those games that even people who are not the most experienced gamers can enjoy. The different game modes are all different, which makes Hoverloop a game that practically everybody can enjoy. I was overjoyed to hear that the game has reached its Kickstarter goal, so I think we're going to hear much more of the awesome people of Not a Company. I certainly hope so, because I'm totally Hoverlooped!

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