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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 11, 2016

Since the release of the Playstation VR Release, some very nice games have been launched for this gear as well. At DumeeGamer.com we had a great evening while testing the VR (and no real bad accidents happened).

We were especially curious to find a game that is fun to play together. And the answer lies with a title you might already know, because it's already available for Android from July 16, 2015. After its initial launch, the game in question has also been released for Windows, OS X and now, finally, for Playstation 4 and Playstation VR. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!

In this game, the main goal is to dismantle bombs as quickly as possible. The game requires two people, preferably who have no problem communicating with eachother. One person has the honor to wear the VR. He or she is actually going to dismantle the bomb. In order to do so, you'll need to solve puzzles. And there is where the second player comes in. Player 2 needs to listen carefully what player one sees and give instructions on how to solve the puzzle at hand. You might think you should only invite your clairvoyant friends in order to play this game! But luckily, there is a manual which you can use. So player one wears the VR and sees only the bomb, while player two sees only the manual on the TV screen and needs search for the situation that player 1 is describing in said manual and give instructions accordingly.

I played this game with the incomparable and awesome Rick Brienen, who was kind and brave enough to travel through the wild lands of Roermond City, armed only with his PS4 and VR, so we could enjoy an evening of good old two player fun. Rick decided to take care of the manual and told me to actually dismantle the bombs. Every bomb looks like a modern suitcase. On the outside at the front (and later on the back) are several puzzles to solve in order to dismantle the bomb. On the sides of the briefcase you might find serial numbers, computer ports or batteries. And, of course, there is a timer. And I don't think I need to explain its function, now do I?

You can choose which puzzle you want to take care of first. There are several different kinds of puzzles: A big button which you have to push at a specific moment, colored button which you have to push in a particular order. I even saw a light sending out Morse code, which I needed to explain to Rick to decipher letters. By combining these letters, we could form a word and with that word we knew which number of MHz we needed to use to solve the current puzzle. But a bomb is not a bomb without the good old wires to cut. The devious developers at Steel Crate Games knew this, so they created not one, but two variants of wire puzzles.

As if the timer on the bomb isn't nerve wrecking enough, when you progress through the game there will be more and more elements that start to mess with your concentration. Next to the bomb is an alarm clock and sometimes it will go off. The lights in the room where the bomb is placed will go out for a couple of seconds. Or the lights turn red and will blink. You can probably imagine that these circumstances are not really helping me to keep calm!

It was my first time playing this game and I must say, the title really covers the game. You have to keep talking to each other, because you need each other to dismantle the bomb. Working together is absolutely key when playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. I had an awesome time playing this game; It's fun, it's a great party game and the VR completes the whole experience. The VR make it possible to play this game together with your game partner in the same room.

The thing that makes this game so cool and difficult at the same time, is the fact that, while both players have a single goal, they also both have vastly different tasks. I like that only one player can see the manual, while the other can only see the bomb, so the game really promotes teamwork. But I'll have to stop writing now and keep talking, or Rick and I will explode!

available on:

Steel Crate Games
October 13, 2016 (PS4 / VR)
July, 16, 2015 (Android)
October 8, 2015 (Windows)
December 12, 2015 (OS X) March 4, 2016