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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on October 22, 2015

Whatís the first thing that pops into your head when you think of sheep? Kung Fu, I hear you say? Damn, I have to think of harder questions to ask you guys!

Today, developers Actalogic and MediaAtlas launch their quirky platform game, Kung Fu Sheep. But is it worth playing? Are you up for the task to help Kung Fu sheep BaaLee? And can you handle a game that has just the right amount of crazy? I had the honor to try this game and after a week of playing Kung Fu Sheep, Iím still not insane. Well, not more than usual at least.

In Kung Fu Sheep, you control BaaLee, the ovine overlord of ass-kicking. He is a sheep on the edge; fit and up for the challenges that lies ahead of him. His fitness will come in very handy, because he has a lot of running to do. When you start a level, it will automatically start scrolling to the right. Though it will not start out insanely fast, the pace will go up as you progress through the game. On a whim of forgiveness, the game lets you decide at which speed you want to start. The levels of speed from which you are able to choose, all have great names. The lowest is called Noob, somewhere in the middle you can already call yourself Master and the highest speed level which you can choose is: You Wish! If there was ever any doubt, now I know for sure: this game is going to be a lot of fun!

The Noob level is somewhat slow, but thatís a good way to get used to the controls. BaaLee will walk or run automatically. You simply control when he has to jump or perform a long jump. A nice feature is that youíre able to move left briefly. But you have to watch out and use this wisely, or else you'll get stuck and die.

The goal of the game is to survive the level for a certain amount of time. The further you get in the game, the longer the time that you'll have to survive. During the time you spend in the level you can collect items and try to win the mini duels with various opponents. The first enemy that will cross your path is the Mad Hopper. This bad-ass bunny will stand in your way. To defeat him, you'll have to win the mini duel, by pushing the buttons of the right color in the given order. Later on, there will be other enemies as well, like a cow or a pig. And did I mention that there will be also fire and ice traps, which you have to dodge? Danger is lurking everywhere!

There are two modes you can play, Regular and Endless. Letís just say that if the Regular mode doesnít challenge you enough, the Endless mode will serve all your needs. The Regular mode will give you a bonus life every 3 levels you manage to survive, Endless will give you 4 lives at the beginning of the game and no more. That makes sense in a way, because the Endless mode doesnít have levels. The speed will increase constantly and foes will unlock every 30 seconds.

The plot may sound simple, but this game is everything but. The pace is accelerating rapidly and soon you will be tapping like crazy to reach the next level. But itís fun, crazy and the cartoony style is the finishing touch that makes this Kung Fu party complete. And to give you some last advice which may help you to survive Kung Fu Sheep, I will quote Iron Maiden: Be Quick or be dead!

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ActaLogic & MediaAtlas
October 22, 2015