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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 24, 2018

I always love a good horror game, so when, during my visit to Gamescom 2018, I came across the booth of a Polish developer called Movie games and saw a poster for a game called Lust for Darkness, I just couldn't resist. They were actually showing two games during Gamescom; the Beast inside and Lust for Darkness, but it is the latter of the two that we're going to talk about.

Lust for Darkness is already available for PC, but these developers are still wanting more. They would love to see their game released for game consoles. This was one of the reasons for them to be at Gamescom this year. They are working hard to achieve that goal, which gives us the opportunity to play this game and discover what Lust for Darkness is all about!

During the intro of the game we meet Jonathan and Amanda, a very troubled couple. Amanda is being stalked by what they suspect might be a psychopath. Naturally, Jonathan is worried about Amanda's safety, but Amanda prefers to not talk about it. As one might suspect, Jonathan's worrying might not be for nothing, because shortly afterwards you'll see a scene in which Amanda wakes up in a strange room. So, your first assignment for today: Get the hell out of the room! While exploring the room I find an invitation, which tells me that a certain W.D. Yelverton wants to have a date with Amanda. He also welcomes her to her new home. I think we can all agree this is really, really bad news!

I managed to escape out of the room and now my next assignment is to escape the basement in which the room is located. After walking through a couple of hallways I'm suddenly confronted with a man or, at least, a shadow of a man staring at me from across the hall. My first instinct is to run away, but where would I go? So, I face him and try to calm my nerves. As soon as I decide that I'm brave enough to approach the guy, he walks away. This is the first time during the game that I hear myself think: "Why the hell do I play these games?" and, let me assure you, it won't be the last time!

The screen fades and the game jumps a year forward. Out of the blue, Jonathan receives a written message, telling him that he must come to the Yelverton mansion. He should not warn the police and try to sneak into the mansion. The letter is signed with an A at the bottom. Could this be a message from Amanda?! At this moment - keep in mind that I have only been playing the game for a mere twenty minutes - I'm already at the very edge of my seat. My god, a message from my wife! Maybe there is a way to see her again and save her! Let's go! Let's go right now!!! I have to search for my car keys, before I can actually leave, but suddenly it all the lights go out and total and utter darkness envelops the house. It seems that, naturally, the town is suffering from an electric blackout. Luckily, the blackout only lasts a few seconds, so I can grab my keys and start my search for Amanda. I honestly don't know who is more excited about the searching for Amanda; Jonathan or me?

The story of Lust for Darkness is all about a sect that engages in erotic rituals, as well as the goings on in an alternate dimension: the world of Lusst'ghaa. So my search for Amanda starts in Yelverton mansion, but it is not, by any means, limited to the interior of this mansion. Lust for Darkness has many traits of a walking sim-type of game, but is filled with puzzles for you to solve and a few enemies from time to time. You don't have any weapons so evading these enemies and running away is always your best option. The Yelverton mansion looks very luxurious and beautiful, were it not for the disturbing statues and paintings in there. Via a portal I can travel to the world of Lusst'ghaa. I can't say that I feel really comfortable in this world. It's dark, it's grim and it looks like I'm walking through giant veins or something.

During the game you can find several books and letters which add an entry in your side-story category. You need to progress through the game to unlock them and when you do, these side stories help you understand the world of Lust for Darkness somewhat better. I didn't find them all during my first play through. You'll need to search every cabinet and desk and open every drawer to find them, so the game also caters to the completionists among us. Opening doors and drawers is done by using the mouse. Just make the appropriate movement while holding down the mouse button and you'll pull or push open the door or drawer in question. Now, not being used to playing PC games, this isn't exactly the fastest and handiest action for me to perform, so I have to admit my lack of patience won from my interest to collect all the side stories. Because of this, I would really love to see how this game works on a console, using a controller. I think that, in that case, a push of a button will be enough to open doors and drawers and quickly take a peek inside to see if there's anything you need in there.

Lust for Darkness is a cool horror game. Lucky for me, it is not filled with numerous jump scares, so after the first hour or so of playing, I became more relaxed and as long as I did not encounter any enemies, I was fine. The story is weird, but what did you expect from a story about a crazed sect? However, it is told in a cool way, so it easily keeps you interested. Put this together with the truly eerie setting, and this makes Lust for Darkness a game that you will definitely remember!

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June 12, 2018