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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 8, 2015

Aah, the smell of burnt rubber, the sounds of a roaring engine and the wind in your hair, ehm, around your helmet. Do I need to say more? Itís MotoGP 15 time!

I have always been curious to know what it feels like to ride a motorcycle. Itís so shiny and cool looking. And I heard it gives a feeling of freedom. Just you and your bike, cruising along that great open road to nowhere. Or would you rather have the exhilarating feeling of beating all other riders on a racetrack.

Milestone offers you that last mentioned experience with MotoGP 15. It features the official riders from the 2014 Ė 2015 season of the Moto 3, Moto 2 and MotoGP as well as the official tracks and customizable bikes.

The developers really tried to make this game accessible for everyone. If you donít have that much experience with race games, you can first go through a tutorial. It explains the basics of the game and will give you some useful tips you can use once youíre on the track. If youíre fan of race games and MotoGP in particular, you can just skip this tutorial and start racing.

Because I never rode a bike I couldnít say if the gameplay equals the real thing. But I think it does, because any minor fault can cause a big fall. So youíll have to stay alert and pay attention. The steering is very sensitive, sometimes you have to steer a little and sometimes you have make some effort to make that sharp turn. But it is exciting if you manage to make a U-turn without falling, I can tell you that.

If you like to play the single player mode you can try the Instant Race or grand Prix mode offline. The AI riders in this game are all great and it is hard to defeat them the first couple of rounds. But youíll get the hang of it eventually and practice makesÖ well, in my case far from perfect, but it really does help! Before you know it, youíre capable of winning the race!

The best part is competing online against other players. Itís fun because youíll never know what the other drivers will do to win. Of course you can challenge your friends in the grand Prix and Championship modes. And how cool is it to climb to the very top of the international leaderboards?

I must say that the graphics of MotoGP 15 are really beautiful; the environments look great. The details on the bikes are very nice and, as I said a bit earlier, you can customize them anyway you like. I also enjoyed the vacation-promo-videos of the land the track you are about to race on is located in. I have some ideas now, where to go to on my next vacation.

Despite the fact that race games are not my cup of tea, I can truly say that I can see the appeal of this game. For the fans it will be a game right up their alley and for curious newbies it is a nice way to get to know the series. Letís all release our inner sporty biker dude (or chick)!

available on:

June 24, 2015