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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on January 23, 2018

Somewhere this time last year, I was so looking forward to the release of Resident Evil 7 on January 24. The first question we had to ask ourselves was simple: will I play it with or without VR? For me, there was only one viable option; I really like my life and I don't want to be scared to death, so without VR it was. And although I had to get over the fact that my beloved Resident Evil series chose to create a game in first person perspective instead of third person and I didn't get to play as someone familiar from the Resident Evil family, I sure got a good introduction to this new family the Bakers and I simply love Ethan. So I can only say that I'm still a big fan! (I took great care not to spoil the fun, but I will refer to the main story from time to time to explain the link between DLC and main story)

I had an absolute blast while playing Resident Evil 7 and, lucky for me, the fun didn't stop with the end of the main story. No, my friends! If you have nerves of steel or simply want to test how much steel is present in your nerves, there's more than enough DLC for you to play. In December 2017 the Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition was released. By acquiring this game, you'll get the complete main game and all the DLC: Banned Footage Vol.1 and Vol. 2 (paid DLC), End of Zoe (paid DLC) and Not a Hero (free DLC). Some of them add more depth to the main story, while others are more for fun or to add an additional challenge to the game.

Although all of these extra game modes are fun, I'm a big fan of storyline DLC; extra chapters or something like that. If you're like me and you just adore extra story content, then there is good news and it is called End of Zoe! In this DLC, you take the role of Joe Baker, brother of Jack and uncle to Zoe. The story takes you to all kinds of places, but the old decrepit paddle boat was my absolute favorite part. A big thumbs up for Capcom for making things look broken and damaged in the most beautiful way possible. Our protagonist, Joe, is used to a life in the wilderness, so his hands are as though as age-old oak and these will be the only "weapons" you'll have at the start of the game. I remember being a bit worried about this fact. I had faced all the evil of the main story and I wasn't sure a couple of bare hands would be enough to do the trick and lead me to victory. But Joe will not disappoint you, he's a badass! But won't that make things more violent and gore, I hear you ask? Definitely, and you're going to love it! I've put a bucket right under my TV, just for the gallons of blood that were flying across the screen for that!

While playing the main story I particularly enjoyed the part which I had to solve Lucas' puzzle and I notice I never had to face him in a boss battle, unlike the other members of the Baker family. That's where Not a Hero DLC comes in. And the best thing about this DLC is the fact that you'll be playing as none other than Chris Redfield! In Not a Hero, Chris has to track down Lucas and take him in, but Lucas is not planning on a easy surrender. So he has set up a very special surprise for anyone who dares to enter the mines in which he is hiding. With Chris being a seasoned S.T.A.R.S. veteran, this will surely Chris a clash of the titans. May the best man win, right?

Another of my favorite parts of the original RE7 game were the video tapes you found lying around the house. I personally thought it was a very cool and fresh way of telling a story. So I was thrilled to see some of the DLC were mostly comprised of video fragments, just like in the main story. A very challenging video part of Banned Footage Vol.2 is Daughters. It gives you a peak into the lives of the Baker's before the shit hits the proverbial fan. We see Zoe and her family, having a nice family dinner. Then, when disaster strikes their town, we witness how they were deceived because of their innate kindness. With no weapons and no will to harm any of her family members, Zoe has to save her own life by running and hiding. Now, I can't tell you too much without spoiling this DLC for you, so I won't. But I will tell you to keep an eye on even the slightest details, because they can mean the difference between the good and the bad ending!

If you're looking for something fun, I recommend playing Jack's 55th birthday (part of Banned Footage Vol. 2). In this extra game mode it's Jack Baker's birthday and he has a big appetite for. well basically anything you can find. It's up to you to find enough food to fill Jack's belly and give him the best birthday party ever! So search the house, fight off enemies and find all kinds of delicious treats within the time limit! I really had a blast while playing this game mode!

So if you are asking me if the DLC of Resident Evil 7 is worth your time and money, my answer is: "Hell Yeah!" There are different kinds of game modes to play and no matter if you like challenges, simple fun or story DLC, Capcom has got you covered!

available on:

February 21, 2017 (Banned Footage Vol.1 & Banned Footage Vol. 2)
December 12, 2017 (RE7: Gold Edition / Not a Hero DLC / End of Zoe DLC)