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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 16, 2016

Do you want to build a snowman? Well, Renie does, but her playtime gets rudely interrupted by her brother Noah. While his sister is building a snowman he grabs her hand and takes her with him into a nearby bunker. Within seconds after that, an air raid bombs their town...

This is the intro of Silence, a game by Daedalic Entertainment which, incidentally, we've been waiting for for about three years now! Ferry and I visited the presentation of Silenced every year since its announcement during Gamescom 2014 and we got more excited every time we saw it in years since. Every year, we hoped to hear a final release date. Finally, last year, the awesome people of Daedalic Entertainment gave us what we were waiting for. And let me tell you, this game was definitely worth the wait!

Silence is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2012 traditional point 'n click game The Whispered World and picks up the story of Noah (better known as Sadwick the Clown) and his little sister Renie. Silence can best be described as an adventure game with a lot of point and click elements, but is in no way a traditional game in the genre. Every time you enter a new environment, you should check out which objects you can collect or use and which characters or creatures you can talk to or interact with. Trust me, it's always wise to talk to people, because a number of puzzles are 'context-sensitive' and you'll need to have a certain conversation in order to be able to use a certain object. For example: at the start of the game, in the bunker were Renie and Noah take shelter, a sock hangs on a nail that is hammered into a wooden post. You can look at it, but you can't pick it up yet though. After talking to Renie for a bit, she tells you she's scared en feels sad. As Noah, being the good big brother you are, you'll want to cheer her up and start looking for stuff that will help you with that. Then, and only then, will you finally be able to pick up the sock.

Alas for poor Noah, the bunker it's not as safe as he thought and by accident both Renie and Noah end up in the world called Silenced. Now, if you played A Whispered World you might recognize the world and all the characters Renie and Noah talk about in the introductory stage of the game. It's not absolutely necessary to play A Whispered World before you start Silence, because Silence is not a sequel per se. It's more like another brand new adventure, centered around and set in the world of Silence.

Silence features some of the elements of The Whispered World, but is a totally different game in its own right. Luckily, one of the things that made it into Silence is everbody's favorite sidekick: Spot! This cute looking caterpillar-like character is just the cutest and cudliest sidekick I have ever seen! As a bonus, he is also very handy when it comes to solving puzzles. You see, Spot is, apart from cutest caterpillar ever (did I say he was awesomely cute?!), also a shape shifter. For instance, need a plank to put across a gap? Spot can be used as a plank! Do you need to lift a heavy object? No problem; Spot can just become really flat, wriggle his way under the object and inflate himself, pushing the object right out of the way. He can also drink lots of water or other liquids until he's as round as a waterballoon and use the liquid to perform another task. Well, in short, Spot is a very cute and very helpful little fellow and a good friend to both Noah and Renie.

One of the fun things about playing Silence is the fact that you can switch between characters. If you're getting nowhere fast playing as Noah, why not try and switch over to Spot? Alternatively, Noah and Renie exchange places and you'll be able to control Renie for certain sections of the game. At times, you'll have to undo things you did as Noah, while playing through the same section of the game as Renie. This adds a whole new level of gameplay to Silence, one which, in my opinion, is extremely enjoyable.

I must say, there were a few times that I felt a little concerned about the developers and their hobbies, because there is a lot of hallucinations involved. Eating berries, licking mushrooms, inhale the pollen of exotic plants; Rnie and Noah come in contact with their fair share of strange substances. Is that what you guys do on a Friday afternoon? I can see the meetings now: "Quick! Get the guys together. We're going to eat and lick various strange plants in the forest!" But, all silliness aside; Don't worry, moms! It's all innocent enough, AND, it's been put into place for a good reason. Sometimes all you need is a good mind-blowing experience to see what your next step needs to be. For instance: I needed rungs to build a ladder, but when I found them, they rungs turned into snakes. Now, before you think that I'm going completely mad, let me assure you that this was in no way my fault.

The hallucinations started when an exotic plant opened and I inhaled the spores. Luckily, I also heard musical instruments playing and an instrument was added with each rung I collected. Now, all I had to do was tune the instruments so they would play harmoniously and presto! The snakes turned back into rungs and I was finally able to build my ladder. So you see that, without the hallucinegenic effects of the plants, I would have never been able to hear the musical instruments and solve the puzzle. On the other hand, if the plants hadn't been there, none of the rungs would have turned into snakes, would they? Wait, did the halucinations help me, or did it got me into trouble to begin with? Hmmm, I'm just going to sit next to this enormous exotic plant and think about that for a while.

I love this game, especially because of Renie. Renie is so easy to like; she's nice, brave and curious, everything a little girl should be. She's happy when she can throw leaves in the air and she appears to have a special gift. In Silence there are creatures called Seekers, big masked black things that prowl the land and threaten its inhabitants. They are followers of the Evil Queen, who rules this world now. The Seekers aren't very nice, so everybody hides when they cross their path, but Renie seems to be unvisible and unhearable to them.

The world of Silence looks soooo beautiful. The hand drawn environments (which are the main reason why it took so long to develop the game) are nothing short of spectacular. The background music is chosen well and suits the game's mood and tone perfectly. Together with a simple but effective control scheme and outspoken, loveable characters, this game is so, so, so awesome!

So, to conclude my ramblings; Silence has really been worth the wait! It's game that has its heart in the right place and is thoroughly enjoyable for everyone out there who loves the point 'n click genre. It has a lovely story, funny and delightful characters and an art-style that looks absolutely awesome. It's a game, designed for every gamer that loves a good narrative and intricately designed puzzles. Just play it for yourselves and you will see what I'm talking about!

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Daedalic Entertainment
November 15, 2016