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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on January 12, 2014

It's always nice to spend a weekend with your friends. In this game you play Maylynn, who is preparing for a all-girl weekend in the woods. Your friends are Betty, Rowan and Moonflower and they tell you about a forest where strange things happen. Campers are missing and a witch has been spotted. So, where are we going? Of course! Letís head into the woods where all those other campers have disappeared.

It doesnít need explaining that all goes awry very quickly. While exploring the woods, one of your friends get hurt badly. The spirit of a witch offers help, but in exchange you have to help her.

Spirit Walkers is basically a point and click game, interlaced with puzzle solving and hidden object missions. Your cursor is normally a pointer, but can also change to a magnifying glass for researching, a hand when you can pick something up, and gears to tell you an action can be taken.

To further the story you need to complete assignments. Sometimes the assignment is to solve a puzzle. Sometimes you need to find certain items, which will you need in another part of the game. And another possibility is to complete a hidden object mission.

What I particularly liked about this game is that it has a hint option. If you really get stuck, you can ask for a hint. When you're busy solving a puzzle, the option to skip the puzzle will appear after a number of tries. You can go on with the story and the puzzle will be solved for you. This, of course, will not reward you with the associated achievement.

Casual gaming often gets the tag of easy gaming. I won't say this is a very hard game, but there was a puzzle I couldn't solve, so I skipped it.

The graphics and sound of this game are good. I was not blown away by amazing graphics, but it was nice and true to nature. I liked it that you can actually learn something. For example, how to take care of someoneís wounds after they get hurt.

Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch is a truly a great adventure in my opinion. The difficulty level is average and, because of the hint option, playable for younger and older gamers. People who like to shoot and wreck things better skip this game. Or maybe play this game to relax.

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Orchid Games & G5 Entertainment
January 7, 2013