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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on January 24, 2017

I love the game Legend of Zelda for the NES. And I enjoy a good match of air hockey whenever I'm in a bar or an arcade hall. Can you imagine how happy I was, when I heard about SpiritSphere, the latest game by Eendhoorn Games, which combines these two?

SpiritSphere is an air hockey game in a Legend of Zelda art style. The developer's love for Zelda is made extra clear when you start the game. The tutorial is announced by the famous sentence; It's dangerous to go alone... After that, the developer explains everything you will need to know about SpiritSphere and its controls.

SpiritSphere is an easy game to learn; both the controls and the rules are simple. Two players are placed in a field and in the middle a spirit sphere is set. The goal is to push, hit or shield the sphere and try to hit the opponent's goal with it. If you succeed you'll earn a point and if you reach the amount of points needed to win (which you can set before you start any match) you win!

During the match, it is possible that certain creatures will enter the play ground. If you kill them, they sometimes leave coins or items behind. Of course it's recommended to pick them up. You can spend coins in the Sphere Fountain. Throw in some coins and who knows what will happen? Items or power ups come in very handy during battle. For example, a potion will make you bigger and you're able to block any incoming sphere with much more ease. With a bow you can shoot arrows at enemies and even your opponent, stunning him or her for a short period of time. This might just give you the opportunity you need to push the SpiritSphere past your opponent and score the winning goal!

I love it that this game is so complete, especially because it is developed by only man: Martino Wullems from Eendhoorn Games. (to learn more about Martino and Eendhoorn Games, read our interview with Martino here) While toggling through the menu's you'll notice that there is much to unlock; characters, spheres and much, much more. There is a Single Player mode, a Multiplayer mode (couch coop) and Squash mode which offers a different kind of game play, much more comparable to a game of... yes, you've guessed correctly: squash! Martino almost forbade the press and media to do a review about SpiritSphere, unless they had played the multiplayer mode, and I can see why. SpiritSphere is made... no, let me rephrase that; SpiritSphere is meant to play with your friends.

I played SpiritSphere really early on Saturday morning, when Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams was still asleep. I thought this would work to my advantage; if I already played some levels (In my defense; I call that doing research) then I would get better at the game. Then, after Ferry woke up, we could test the multiplayer mode and I could beat him. Well, we got around to finally playing a number of multiplayer rounds and, although my "research" didn't help all that much, we had an awesome time, tossing SpiritSpheres around! I mean, don't get me wrong; you will enjoy yourself playing the single player mode, but it's so much more fun while sitting next to each other on the couch, laughing together about all the crazy stuff that happens during play and shouting out how much you want to beat the other player.

SpiritSphere is definitely an ode to the 16-bit era and guarantees hours of pure and simple fun. It will be available for the humble price 7,99, so do yourself a favor and make sure you grab yourself a copy!

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Eendhoorn Games
January 24, 2017