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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 6, 2018

A game called Super Seducer should be able to really get people's attention, don't you think? The world's first seduction simulator! Creator Richard La Ruina states that it's meant to be an environment in which you can practice your flirting techniques, before trying them out in real life. So let's see if I am indeed a super seducer!

Super Seducer puts the player in the role of a man, so the dating experience will be from a man's point of view, which totally make sense because the creator of the game is also a dating coach and author of books on flirting and dating. So he used his extensive experience and knowledge to create this game. Now, before you think this game will be all about how to get tons of women into your bed, the developer has some news for you. This game is developed from psychological real life experiences and aims to be female friendly. Therefore they made sure to create strong female roles, improper or offensive conduct is punished and corrected, and the correct path is always one that would be most appropriate in real-life.

The game contains ten chapters in which you will be challenged to complete a certain goal. The first chapter is about you walking on the street and a girl catches your eye. Can you stop her, get her to talk to you and make her want to see you again? The goal of this chapter is to get an instant date and it's up to you and your answers and actions to complete this goal.

During this first chapter the male protagonist, played by creator Richard, walks down a street and a girl catches his eye. Immediately, a couple of possible actions are shown to choose from. Some of the actions/answers are hilarious; you can approach her directly, pretend to be blind, or even do a wolf whistle! I decided to go with wolf whistle, just to test if the game really goes with real life experiences. When I did the wolf whistle, the girl responded with the phrase "You wish" and continued on her way. Ten points for the developers!

After you've made a choice and watched the woman's response, you'll get a cutscene in which creator Richard tells you that was not very polite. In this case I got a second chance to find a better way to draw this girl's attention. Sometimes you'll get feedback, but the chapter continues after that and you don't get a second try. In other words, live with the consequences of your actions and try to do some damage control.

Although the feedback is really useful, I must say I found the environment he uses when I got the right answer a bit tacky. When I gave a bad response you will see the developer giving his feedback, while sitting alone on a bed and a right response will show Richard accompanied by two women in beautiful lingerie. If you were on the right track but then gave some strange or bad responses, those women will get back into their clothes and look bored.

At the end of each chapter, every choice you've made during that chapter is shown and the feedback you got along the way, is played again. At the end you'll get an overall score of your behavior and whether you've completed the goal of the chapter. If you're not satisfied with the results, you can restart the level. Also there will be a exploring percentage shown, so restarting levels is also a good way to explore all the answers that can been given and see what happens when you approach a certain situation in a different manner. If you're satisfied with how you did or just feel lucky, you can also just enter the next chapter.

I think Super Seducer can really help people upgrade their flirting and dating skills, because most of the time it is a matter of how you start a conversation or how to keep it going. It also follows the rules of social interaction between people. For example, when it is appropriate to make a joke and when not. If you make a joke of something neutral, then you will be fine. But if you joke about something your conversation partner is passionate about, you might get into trouble. Of course, these things might be vary by country or demographic, but the overall social rules are roughly the same wherever you go.

Super seducer may not be the way to certain success in your love life, but the developers did succeed in giving information about social situations and how to behave on a date in general. In the main menu you can also find the advice book. This compendium shows all the answers that you can give during a chapter and indicates whether they are right or wrong for that situation. And I think it's great that there are also answers/options that are not wrong as such, but also not the best answer.

Richard La Ruina wanted to create a seduction sim that takes your flirting skills to the next level while, at the same time, is really fun to play. It's indeed a safe and somewhat realistic way to try different approaches and immediately get feedback about it, without the looming possibility of ruining a real life relationship. I really had a blast playing Super Seducer, so I say mission accomplished!

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Richard la Ruina
March 6, 2018