diana;;dying light;;the following;;depths of dread;;horror;;zombie;;parcour;;techland Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee What is that I hear? Is it a zombie? Or is it a large group of zombies? Damn, where’s my flashlight? Or better yet, my new found crossbow!


By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 14, 2016

What is that I hear? Is it a zombie? Or is it a large group of zombies? Damn, where’s my flashlight? Or better yet, my new found crossbow!

Since my playthrough of the Dying Light: The Following demo at Gamescom 2015, I’m a big fan of Dying Light and its expansion: The Following. Dying Light offers players a beautiful survival horror game experience, featuring a great and moving story, starring the game’s cool protagonist: Kyle Crane. I must say, the beginning of Dying Light was a little tough for me. After getting my hands on a decent machete, the game became quite a lot easier. I was able to kill zombies much quicker and that made a big difference!

So, as you may have guessed, I enjoyed Dying Light very much and I couldn’t wait till my adventures in Haran would continue. This week, the moment was finally here; Dying Light: The Following was released for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. When I started this game I was very surprised, because pretty early on in the game, it was time to collect lots and lots of stuff. And, as those of you with Dying Light experience already know, most of the time, finding lots of stuff in one place means there’s lots of trouble ahead!

It’s not recommended to start this game with a new character. If you go in at level zero you might have a tough time. However, even with a decent character, The Following is an expansive and tough challenge. Kyle Crane has entered a brand new environment, where people for some mysterious reason do not turn into zombies after they are bitten by one. And, of course, it is up to Kyle to find out the secret behind this mystery.

The citizens of this new land, called The Farmland, are not that keen on telling you their secret right away. You have to earn their trust first. In order to do so, you’ll have to complete missions and challenges. You can choose between easy, medium and hard missions. Farmland is very big, with a lot of challenges to complete. You can walk through Farmland, but a more sophisticated way to travel is by buggy. And trust me when I say that this buggy is going to be your new best friend!

Your buggy is your nice, sweet ride in Farmland. But it doesn’t come without responsibilities. Your car needs fuel, upgrades and, depending on your driving skills, repairs. And yes, I know it’s very tempting to drive around, go off road and smash a lot of zombies, because that is just awesome! But besides kicking some serious ass, this tends to take the best out of your car, so use it wisely.

Because my brother, Michael “Magic Mike” Dumee, also owns Dying Light, complete with a season pass and was also playing Dying Light: The Following, we decided to team up for a bit of co-op zombie-killing fun. We can definitely recommend this to each and every one of you. For starters, it’s just a heap of fun working together in this zombie-infested land. Secondly, it will make your life considerably easier when things get dicey. Magic Mike joined my game after I had accidently chosen a “hard” mission, which gave me… well… a hard time. But with the help of Magic Mike, we were able to slaughter the undead bad guys as a team and make it through the mission.

After completing that particular mission, we decided to explore Farmland some more. My buggy was already outside so we shared a ride. Yes, you can actually hop in the back of the buggy of the other player! I’m not sure if Michael was that happy with it, because I’m not the greatest driver in the world. That’s exactly why I can’t have a nice car… or at least, not for very long anyway!

“It was actually brilliant that we didn’t have to share the loot during our co-op session. When I looted a zombie that Diana had already looted, I also received the same loot. Big thumbs up for Techland for developing this kind of loot sharing! Playing The Following together also gives you a tactical advantage, by flanking enemies for example. No more worrying about being surprised by a zombie while lock picking. The other player simply stands guard while you take care of that pesky, locked door. Co-op it’s really a lot of fun, and Dying Light: The Following makes the most of its co-op possibilities” - Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee

I was already a big fan of Dying Light and The Following is an expansion which gives you the same great experience you had while playing the original, but with more possibilities and cool new features. It’s a beautiful looking game, with cool characters and smooth gameplay. I wouldn’t miss this adventure for the world! And now, as this review comes to a close, I would like to end with a, now famous, Dying Light quote and wish you all: Good Night, Good Luck!

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February 9, 2016