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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 19, 2018

When I received an email containing a link to the first trailer of a game called The Gardens Between, I immediately knew that I wanted to play it! It's a non-violent puzzle game with a very nice atmosphere. With all the action going on in the world of games, I love to play a relaxing game once in a while. So here we go!

The story of The Gardens Between is about a boy and a girl, who spend a stormy evening in their tree house, when suddenly a light orb causes a time event; time suddenly starts to go backwards! Before they know it, they're stranded on a strange island. The goal of the level is to guide the youngsters to the top of the mountain island in question and open a portal to the next level. In order to open it, they'll need to bring a light orb. While exploring the first island they find an old lantern, but at the start of the levels, this lantern will not be lit. The levels in The Gardens Between are filled with all kinds of objects and it's up to you find objects with a light or a flame in it, so you can light your lamp and open the portal.

The Gardens Between is a tale of childhood friendship and time travel, which tells the story of two friends growing up. In between the levels, you get to watch scenes of their childhood together and the friendship they build over the years. In this game you don't control the characters, but you control the level. Or better said, you can control the actions of the characters and manipulate objects. Plus, you can manipulate time, so that's an extra mechanic to take into account!

The route that our dynamic duo will take is set up front, so you'll need to make sure that either the boy or the girl perform the appropriate action at specific points. For example, if the kids walk past an object that contains a light, make sure to push the action button so one of them will catch the light. You really will have to pay attention to objects or items that you can manipulate; the smallest change can have the biggest effect. Sometimes, the only way to see what needs to be done is winding and rewinding time at a very slow pace.

Each level becomes harder as you progress through the game. In the first level you only needed to catch one light orb and bring it to the portal. In the next level you'll need to use the first light you caught to create a light bridge. Now you can cross the abyss, but you also need to find a new light orb to open the portal. The further you get in the game, the harder these puzzles will become, so try to think outside of the box!

The levels are little mountain islands that are filled with all kinds of objects, which will most likely be recognized by you 80's and 90's kids out there. There are old TV's, VHS players and game consoles which are definitely inspired by the old ones like Atari and Nintendo. The levels look really cool and are complemented by the relaxing background music, which I could easily use for my daily yoga routine! This is really a game you can enjoy and feel relaxed at the same time.

The teenage protagonists don't talk during the game, but even without speech you can figure out what type of child each character is. The girl is more adventurous and impulsive, while the boy is the nerd and the thinker. The Gardens Between is a truly beautiful game that shows us that we need both doers and thinkers in this world and if we just work together, great things can and will happen!

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The Voxel Agents
September 20, 2018