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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on August 4, 2015

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own boutique, but were too afraid to take that next step? No worries, you can now see for yourself if itís really everything you hoped for by playing Top Boutique for your mobile device. So let's get started and make the world a better-dressed place!

In Top Boutique you'll start with a modest budget to furnish your shop. Change rooms, clothes racks, tables everything to service your customers. In the beginning your choices are limited, but you can unlock more furniture as you progress through the game. Of most objects you can change the color, so you can give your own personal touch to your boutique.

And then itís on to my favorite part: buying clothes. There are several brands you can pick from. When buying clothes, the same rules apply as when youíre buying furniture for your shop; youíll start out with limited choices but youíll unlock more as you proceed. Dresses, trousers, shoes, skirts, bags; your customers can find everything they need for a complete new outfit.

It's really about getting your store filled with clothes, bags and shoes and keeping it that way. As you sell more and more clothing, you'll make money and be able to buy more new clothes. The challenge is to manage this buy and sell process as best as you can. Expensive clothes will take longer to transport to your shop, but you'll earn more money with them, so in the end it's well worth the time.

Another fun part of the game is to dress your staff. You can let them wear the clothes you bought for your store. It's fun to try out the clothes and see how they look in Ďreal lifeí.

I first played this game during its development phase. I think they listened to the feedback of their fans, because there are a lot of improvements incorporated in the latest version. Now there are challenges to complete, which extends the gameplay and makes it more interesting. After a big update the graphics are good looking. People will actually walk on the floor instead of being slightly sunken into the floor.

Also, when you pick out clothes or accessories, a pop-up will appear to show you the item in a bigger screen. In the early version of the game, this image was static but now it twirls around, giving it a nicer look. And I like that your staff are carrying boxes to the racks and stock the clothes instead of just walking to racks and then do one gesture and the rack is full. Your customers will also carry an item to the fitting room and actually enter it. It all looks more real and polished.

Needless to say, Iím a big fan of Top Boutique. Itís a great way to spend your precious game time, especially when youíre interested in clothes and fashion. The time management principle is used in a good way and as always, you can speed up things if youíre willing to spend extra money. But if you have lots of time or if you are a bit of a cheapskate like me, you can enjoy this game without spending a single penny of your own money. Things will just take more time.

Alas, the time has come for me to leave you all and go back to my shop. Letís see if I can earn some more money and do some shopping! Because hey, a girlís gotta do what a girlís gotta do!

available on:

July 31, 2015 (version 1.7.1)