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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 2, 2018

Maybe you have heard about a game called We Were Here. It was released February 2017 on Steam as a free game and according to Project Lead Lucia de Visser, it was indented to test the waters and see how many people would be interested in a challenging cooperative adventure. The positive reactions of the gaming community blew them away, so needless to say it's time for more!

This second episode is called We Were Here Too and, according to the developers, it's not necessary that you've played the first part. You can leap into this game without hesitation and enjoy unraveling the secrets that this dungeon has in store for you. You start by watching people walking in the snow. If they don't find shelter soon, they're going to be in big trouble. But the odds are in their favor and soon they discover a castle.

I played this game together with Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams, so together we entered the castle. Upon entering the main hall of the castle, we discover a big wooden door that is locked tight. On both sides of the big door are two other smaller hallways, so the two adventurers decide to split up. Normally, splitting up leads to certain doom, but in this case, it was the right thing to do, because when you are in one room, you'll need information that only the other player can give you. This is because the room the other player is in, contains clues to solving the puzzles in your room. And you will need to solve these puzzles in order to unlock a door that leads to the next room.

The principle of We Were Here Too is somewhat comparable to that of games like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. During the first puzzle Ferry was in one room with a switch and a couple of symbols on it. But he didn't know which symbols to use and that's where I came in. In my room, six different symbols were depicted. And that's where the real fun starts! When you find out that your partner only needs three symbols, you'll have to determine which of the six symbols to communicate to him or her. I'm not going to spoil anything, you'll just have to figure it out for yourself.

Good communication is key in this game. You can only play it online, so the chat function is there for a very good reason. You can filter the languages, so you will only be linked to a player who speaks the same language. The beauty of the concept is that you can't see the other player's room and vice versa, so you'll have to describe everything you see and do. The first puzzles are without a time limit, but that will change very quickly. And I have to say, describing to the other player what you see, figuring out together what to do and actually doing it right can take a while. If you have a time limit breathing down your neck, you can imagine that might stress things up. Let's just say that it is quite challenging to solve the puzzles in time.

We Were Here Too looks great and the puzzles are awesome. It takes some time to figure out what to do, but not that long that it's going to bug you. Two people means double the brainpower and if you work together and describe everything you see, it might help the other player solving a piece of the puzzle in their room. This game can be played with keyboard and mouse, but I'm so happy to report that you can also play this game with a controller.

We Were Here Too has a very positive rating on Steam, and for a damn good reason! It's needless to say that the game is loved by almost every player that had a go at it. And now there are two more fans among this ever-growing fan base, because Ferry and I really enjoyed playing it! The developers want to bring more episodes on the market and we can only encourage that. A coop game, with challenging puzzles in an awesome dungeon! What's not to like? Just give it a go, and remember: If you ever get stuck, you're not the only one... We Were Here Too!

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February 2, 2018