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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on July 25, 2018

Let me start off by asking you a question; When you were a child, what did you dream of becoming? A fireman? A police officer? A cook, or even an astronaut? Well, no dream is too big for a young Makoan boy called Kirm. He has set his mind on becoming a legend! And with a little help from a guiding star that goes by the name of Hoku and his Power Meerkat friend, Kirm might just become what he always dreamed!

On the island of Kaikale, home of the Makoa tribe, things are about to get interesting. As a rite of passage, all young children must complete a couple of tests. There is, however, one child that might become the Chosen One; a legend among mortal men. This honor falls to Kirm, a mute boy that is awoken from slumber by a star descending from the heavens. Well, crashing would be more to the point, because the star in question hits the ground with quite some speed. Hoku, as this star is called, chooses Kirm to be the next Chosen One and promises to guide the boy on this grand adventure.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; it's puzzle time! Straight from the minds of Madrid, Spain based developer Risin' Goat comes A Rite From The Stars. In this 3D point and click adventure, you must guide Kirm on his travels as he sets out to become a living legend! To this end, Kirm must complete three paths: the path of Wisdom, the path of Courage and the path of Spirit. Guided by Hoku the star, this brave young boy will have to use every ounce of his wits if he is to succeed in his quest. Kirm will be led to the Makoan proving grounds, which gives access to the three paths, each of which comes with a separate tribe elder to take you to the start of that path.

Each of the three paths Kirm must complete, consist of a string of puzzles, some of which are harder than others, but all still very much doable. Kirm must complete a certain objective by finding the right items in the World and either manipulate them or combine them with other items to reach the appropriate solution. The three paths can be played in any order and the player can even go to another path if they get stuck. The progress in each path is recorder by three piles of stones, on for each path. The more stones that are stacked on each other, the further you are in that specific path. This save mechanic enables you to continue from where you left off. You will start at the beginning of the last puzzle you started, however, so all the progress you've made since entering that room is lost if you decide to return to the main proving grounds.

Speaking of getting stuck on a puzzle; A Rite From The Stars offers you a hint system. When you really, really, REALLY tried your best but are still unable to complete a puzzle, you can ask the game for a hint on what your next step should be. But be warned; this will have an impact on some of the achievenements you can earn throughout the game, so use it only if you absolutely have no idea how to go on...

What really sets A Rite From The Stars apart from other point and click games, is the fact that the voice acting throughout the entire game is done in the Makoan language, which is specifically created for this game. This feature gives the game a certain mystical quality and really helps the story come to life even more. The comic-style graphics look cool and fit the theme perfectly, while the soundtrack helps build that "forgotten tribe" feel that spreads throughout the entire game with great finesse.

I think the only thing that needs getting used to are the controls. Now, they're not difficult at all; you just click where you want Kirm (or, at times, his Power Meerkat) to go. Double clicking makes the character run. Keeping the mouse button down after clicking makes Kirm follow the cursor, no matter where you drag it. So far, no sweat. It's just that, with the camera swinging back and forth as you make your way through the temples, forests and other assorted cool places, Kirm will keep following your cursor. So when your view shifts, you will need to realign your cursor or Kirm will go where you don't want him to. Please note that this is only a minor issue and only occurs when you have Kirm or his Meerkat follow your cursor by holding it down. Is does not, even in the least, take away from the fun that is certainly to be had while playing this game.

All in all, I can only say that A Rite From The Stars is a truly entertaining puzzle game with a cool story, intricate puzzles and a series of good-looking environments. The made-up language gives it that otherworldly and mystical quality which enhances the story with every step. The puzzles are intricately built and will provide more than a decent challenge. So, if you are a fan of good puzzle games, you really should not pass up the chance to play this game!

available on:

Risin' Goat & Phoenix Online
July 19, 2018