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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on February 21, 2017

Yes! The time has finally come for us to continue our mysterious noir adventure in Paper City. Come with us as we join Amber and her fuzzy partner, Ted E. Bear. Let's meet up with our heroes as they continue their search for Amber's lost brother, Flint. Our duo makes their way to the city limits, hot on the trail of that elusive pyromaniac, known only as the red man... Yes dear readers; it is time to play Bear With Me - Episode 2!

Now, you may recall from our review of Bear With Me Episode 1 that Amber and Ted had finally made their way past the Paper City limits and set out to solve the disappearance of Amber's brother, Flint. They went to find a character named CBG, a former ally of Ted who has gone quite loopy some years back and now leads a secluded life. CBG usually has mounds of information available on everyone in the city, so it is only logical that Amber and Ted set out to find him first. To actually talk to CBG and get the information they need, our duo will have to make their way to the Container terminal at Paper City harbor. But, as one might expect from any point 'n click adventure, this is not simply a matter of just walking to your destination and entering it.

Bear with Me is no exception to this rule. When Amber and Ted reach the entrance to the container terminal, they discover that the bridge leading up to it is raised, so they will First have to find a way of lowering it before they can cross. However, the control panel is out and the keys are missing, so there's no way for Amber and Ted to lower the bridge. They will have to talk to several characters, closely examine the environments for items and clues and generally have their wits about them to solve this first in a series of cool and well-constructed puzzles that the developers at Exordium Games have in store for us in this second episode of their awesome Bear With Me adventure.

The relationship of Amber and Ted is still an uneasy one; although they both care for each other (more than they both care to admit), they almost never agree on how to approach any given problem. Ted, being the cynical and grumpy old detective that he is, relies heavily on his years of experience and likes to do things the way he has done them for years while Amber, on the other hand, goes with her gut and is much more open to other suggestions and approaches. This creates some friction between the both of them and makes their alliance an uneasy one at times. Despite their differences, both Amber and Ted will do anything in their power to find Flint while, at the same time, try and stop the Red Man from burning Paper City to the ground.

As was the case in Bear with Me - Episode 1, the game is filled with a cast of cool characters, each with their own personalities and problems. It is really neat to meet the folks in Paper City! Contrary to Epidode 1, the city is quite large and getting around would take up a lot of our time, were it not for the map feature. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; Bear With Me Episode 2 has a map! When you're stuck in one location, you could always try and visit another one and see where that leads you. True, the locations kind of follow each other in what could be described as somewhat of a linear fashion; it is mostly a question of playing through one location and then, after you've solved the puzzles there, moving on to the next location.

Although this poses no hindrance to the game itself, it is a much more straight-forward approach than some of the older games in the point 'n click genre, that offered a multitude of environments for the player to explore simultaneously, which usually extended the playtime a bit, because you were never sure that the item or clue needed to solve a puzzle at hand would be in that same environment. But, as I've just mentioned, this does not hurt the game one bit! Bear With Me's gripping tale, cool characters and fairly challenging puzzles make it a lot of fun to play. The two main characters, Amber and Ted, are both loveable in their own way and it doesn't take very long for the player to feel a connection to one or both of them.

After all is said and done, I can only say that I still think Bear With Me is a very, very, VERY good game! My only boggle with it is that the episodes are somewhat short, especially because the well-written and exciting story makes you desperately curious and you will definitely want to know what happens next! Oh well, I guess there is nothing for it; we will just have to wait patiently until Exordium Games elates us with the third episode of this thrilling noir detective tale. Let's just hope we will not have to wait for too long... I don't think my nerves could take it!

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February 15, 2017