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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on July 20, 2017

Aaaah, there's nothing like the smell of asphalt in the morning... oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise you guys were already here! Ahem... So, is it your dream to go really fast all the time? Or is performing car stunts more your oily cup of tea? Or do you get your kicks from car battles? Well, whatever your preference, the latest addition in the Cars series is right up your alley! So buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and race into action with Cars 3: Driven to Win!

Yes, race fans of all ages; Cars 3: Driven to win is revving its engines and ready to go! Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, Driven to Win puts you in control of some of your favorite characters from the Cars movies. After a brief introduction, it's right onto the asphalt to become the best racer this, or any, world has ever seen! We see Lightning being tricked into a live performance on Chick Hicks' talkshow. Chick does a number on poor Lightning and practically says that the number 95 is a washed up has been. This of course, will not stand, so Lightning sets out to prove Chick wrong! To let you do so, the game features no less than 6 different game modes for you to enjoy:

Firstly, there's, of course, the racing mode. This mode is pretty self-explanatory; you'll have to keep ahead of the field and finish first in order to win! If you think racing is kind of boring after a while, why not try your hand at Battle Racing? This fierce competition is just like the normal racing, with the addition of weapons. Blast your opponents off the track and gain the advantage you need in order to win the race. If you don't want to race, why not try out the Takedown mode? This mode lets you take down enemies with weapons and powerups in order to collect points. The player who has the most points when the timer runs out, wins the event!

Not feeling like battling or racing at the moment? No problem! That's where the next game mode comes in: Stunt Showcase. This is a game mode that is all about impressing the crowd. Jump, do tricks and gain points for it; sounds awesome, right? Well, it is! Then, there is the Best Lap Challenge, in which you must try to set the best lap time on a variety of courses. And last, but not least, there is the Playground mode. In this relaxing mode, players can race, jump, do tricks or just drive around leisurely to their hearts' content. This is an excellent mode to hone your skills and prepare for the real thing!

Of course, you need more than game modes to make a successful game. This is where the characters and tracks come in. Cars 3 boasts a cast of more than twenty customizable characters. Of course, Lightning McQueen is present, but other fan favorites like Doc Hudson, Cruz Ramirez, Mater and even Guido are incorporated into the game. It's a joy of recognition all the way through the game! The tracks in Driven to Win are mostly set in the easily recognizable locations from the movies like, for example, Radiator Springs.

As you progress through the game, a meter tells you how far you are on your way to becoming the world champion. Achievements help you get there faster and can be unlocked by completing certain events. One such achievement would be, say, "win any race event" or "perform three air tricks during an event". They are really fun to do and help fill your championship meter. And why play this game alone? Just invite your family and friends over for a few rounds of local multiplayer Battle Race and show them who's boss!

What I really like about Cars 3: Driven to Win, is how true it stays to the movies. Although there are game modes that have nothing to do with events of said movies, the characters are all perfectly done, as are the environments. Driven to Win is a really beautiful game AND handles like a dream at the same time. The racing is fun and the cars are not that hard to control, which is a very good thing if you kind of suck at racing. like me! I noticed that I could easily pick up and play the game, without having to get used to any fancy controls or any "realistic" handling. It is a fun arcade style race experience that practically everyone can play and enjoy. Kids will love the characters and can compete in the easy mode quite. well, easily! If you are looking for more of a challenge, the higher difficulties offer a lot of that, so let her rip!

So, all in all, Cars 3 is a highly enjoyable racing game with beautiful visuals and a large variety of characters and tracks. The fact that some track have shortcuts you can take, makes for a somewhat tactical approach at times, but other times you're just flooring the gas pedal and hoping for the best (in my case, anyway). The intros and snide commentary during and after the race by Chick Hicks are both funny as hell and complete the entire Cars 3 experience. So, if you're a fan of racing games, Cars, or just good fun games in general, you should really give cars 3: Driven to Win a whirl!

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Avalanche Software & Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
June 13, 2017 (NA)
July 14, 2017 (EU)
July 14, 2017 (AU)
July 20, 2017 (JP)