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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on May 9, 2017

It's time for a bit of dreaming or , rather, a lot of dreaming! That's right, we're going to revisit Dreamfall Chapters once again and see what's what in the newly released Dreamfall Chapters: Final Cut!

The last episode of the original Dreamfall Chapters was released in June 2016 and signaled the end for a series of chapters that started back in October 2014. With the release of the final chapter, we feared we had seen the last of the series, but now, almost 11 months later, we are proven wrong. Dreamfall Chapters has been re-tweaked and updated and is now available as a story-spanning collection that goes by the name of Dreamfall Chapters: Final Cut!

So, what's new in this upgraded version of Dreamfall Chapters? Well, the most important thing is that the game was switched over to a newer version of the unity engine, which gave the developers the chance to refine some of the character art and character animation, along with lighting, shaders, sound effects; the whole shebang! And it shows! Not that the original Dreamfall Chapters looked bad in any way, but the Final Cut edition just looks that much better! Also, this edition is available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, giving the console-minded gamers the chance to explore this truly strange and interesting universe.

In Dreamfall Chapters, we discover a pair of parallel universes, Stark and Arcadia. Stark is the universe that feels closest to home, although there are quite some steampunk influences in there. Nevertheless, this is the universe that's most like our own. The other universe, Arcadia, couldn't be any further from our own in terms of reality. See, Arcadia is a magical universe where much more is possible than we could ever imagine. What stands out most is the contrast between the two worlds, which is most evident through the different use of color for both worlds. Where Stark is colored in cool and bright tones and relies heavily on the contrast between these bright colors and the darker backgrounds, Arcadia makes use of more nature-oriented colors and uses a much smaller contrast, giving the world a calmer and also more mysterious look.

Don't let this calm look fool you! In both worlds, something is horribly amiss. You see, in these brave new worlds, most people are addicted to a device called the Dreamachine. This device is said to give the user pleasant dreams while, in reality, it steals dream energy and turns everyone who uses the machine frequently into helpless addicts. As we start our journey, we meet up with the protagonist of the original Dreamfall game, ZoŽ Castillo. After her ordeal in the previous game, her real body is in a coma and her spirit is caught in Storytime, a strange and unsettling world where the spirits of all those who dream reside. ZoŽ has been here for quite some time and has made it her goal to help those that are trapped in a nightmare to get back home safely. She warns each and every one of these individuals to stop using the Dreamachine, but can't be sure they will actually follow through on their promise.

We also meet up with Kian Alvane, a former elite soldier of the Azadi Empire that rules the Northlands of Arcadia. When we catch up with him, he is in a jail cell, awaiting his execution after being accused of treason. Luckily, he is broken out of prison by a group of anti-imperialists and joins their rebellion against the Azadi rulers. Together, they aim to free Arcadia from the influence of technology and restore peace to its lands and freedom to its magical inhabitants, who are now oppressed and incarcerated for the crime of simply being who they are.

Dreamfall Chapters is essentially a story-driven puzzle adventure, featuring interesting characters and plot lines, as well as intricate puzzles and quite a bit of exploration. To solve any given problem, the player has a few actions at his or her disposal and must make good use of all of them if they want to stand a chance of reaching their final objective. The puzzles are expertly planned and executed and the conversations you will have with other characters in the multiverse help to immerse yourself in the story even more. Playing the game with a controller on your Playstation 4 or Xbox One is just as intuitive as it would be when you use a keyboard and mouse. This, together with the updated graphics and sounds, makes Dreamfall Chapters: Final Cut a game to keep an eye out for.

Dreamfall Chapters includes a short recap of the previous games, so gamers that are new to the series can just pick up this latest installment in said series and start playing without having to go through the first two games. The protagonists' stories are intricately intertwined and will take you on a journey, unlike any other you have ever taken. Dreamfall Chapters: Final Cut enhances this immersion even more by updating the games' animations, sound and gameplay. Both Stark and Arcadia have never looked this good or played this well. So yes, you are definitely getting the best of both worlds!

available on:

Red Thread Games & Deep Silver
May 5, 2017 (PS4 / XBox One)