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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on March 16, 2018

Can you imagine what it would be like to be a glowing white cube-shaped fairy named Midnight, trapped in a grim and dangerous world and being tossed around and maimed for another man's pleasure? Well, probably not, but if you play Midnight Deluxe, you might have an inkling of what that would be like...

It is time to try our hand at physics based puzzling /mini golf as we aim to guide our protagonist through a dark but aesthetically pleasing world. Now, our hero, Midnight, might be a bit of a square, but he is truly unflinching and he never complains . He just keeps smiling and no matter how many times he gets mangled or impaled, that smile never leaves his brave face!

So, what are we actually doing while playing Midnight Deluxe? Well, we try to catapult a glowing square from point A to point B in as little shots as possible. The lower the number of shots needed, the higher your rating will be at the end of the level. You can use as many shots as you'd like, but that will never give you a three-star rating. But, back to traveling through the levels. Point A can be anywhere in any given level, point B is always a glowing indentation in the ground. So we're trying to get a glowing cube into a glowing square hole in the ground. Let's get to it then, shall we? Right; to get from point A to point B, we can choose a direction and control the power of our shot. Easy, wouldn't you agree? Simply click the button, aim and control your power with the left thumb-stick and release the button to send Midnight flying to safety!

To be honest, it's not as easy as you would think, especially since the tiniest change in force will result in a massively different outcome. I played this game on the Playstation 4, so I don't know how these controls compare to, say, the touch screen controls of the Nintendo Switch, but I can tell you that you'll need to be careful when deciding how much power to use, because if you vary so much as a millimeter, you might come up short or over-shoot your target. Although the controls might feel a bit fiddly when you first start playing the game, you'll soon get the hang of it and will be bouncing around the levels with quite a lot of accuracy in no time flat (or, in this case, square).

And trust me when I say that you will need that accuracy because, before long , new dangers lurk in the darkness, ready to take out Midnight in the blink of an eye. Circular saw blades, iron spikes, bottomless pits, stone giant boulders, searing lasers and round, rolling creatures lie between Midnight and the ultimate goal: the exit of the level. Now, the blades, spikes, pits and boulders cause Midnight to die instantly, while the rolling creatures mostly just block the exit when you're not fast enough, making it impossible for Midnight to reach it.

Whether it's something that kills you or something that makes it impossible for you to reach the exit, it means you'll have to restart the level. Luckily, this is done by the simple press of a button. I caught myself, on multiple occasions, bashing the restart button as soon as I saw that I wouldn't make it to the desired spot, instead of waiting for Midnight to die miserably once again. This restart button also comes in handy when you're really trying to reach the exit in as little shots as possible and go for that highly sought after three-star rating.

Visually, Midnight Deluxe looks quite simple, but at the same time, really good! The dark background and the actual playing field, outlined in black, give the game that dreary, foreboding vibe. You feel like you really should get Midnight out of there as soon as possible. Midnight, being of the glowing fairy persuasion, makes for a beautiful display of light and shadows as he is catapulted through the levels. You see, while Midnight is on the move, the levels turn into an ever-changing ballet of shadows and this, my friends, looks really, really cool!

To match the dark visuals, the soundtrack consist of somewhat somber sounding piano tunes. The background music kind of sounds as desolate as the world looks but, just as Midnight shines some light into the dark world, there also is a sound of hope in the background music. It's this duality in both graphics as well as music that makes them match so perfectly with the premise of the game.

I can only say that, despite its deceivingly simple exterior, Midnight Deluxe is a truly fun and challenging game. You will be really rooting for our little fairy within seconds and will do everything in your power to make it safely reach the exit. Even if you're not after a three-star rating for every level, Midnight Deluxe is guaranteed to keep you busy for quite some time with its 70 intricately designed levels!

available on:

Petite Games & Ratalaika Games
March 6-8, 2018