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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on May 3, 2017

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about bad days. Let me ask you a question: Have you ever had one of those days that just felt like a train wreck? Well, ex-minister Ted is having one hell of an awful day right now... and it actually starts with a train wreck!

Ted, together with his three year-old daughter, Bo, are traveling by train, when Bo smells smoke and the pair set out to determine the cause of this scent. Bo decides that Ted can be Sherlock Holmes and she will be his trusty companion, Watson. So they set off and make their way through a couple of train cars. As the duo continues their trek through the moving train, they find some of their personal belongings, strewn about the various cars. Hmmm. strange, isn't it? To get from one car to another, Ted must solve a couple of platform puzzles. For instance, if he manages to flip a series of switches within a certain amount of time, the door to the next car will be unlocked, enabling the two to continue on their way.

Before long, they run into a strange man, dressed completely in black, that tries to entice Bo with a shiny black balloon. Luckily, Bo is a well-behaved girl with a proper upbringing and stays with her father. Ted tells the man to leave them alone and off they go. Once they reach the end of the train, they find more and more of their personal items and decide to head back to their cabin. On the way back, they enter the room where they encountered the strange man, but he is gone. The only thing present in the car is a shiny black balloon.

Bo, still a child and reassured by the absence of the strange man, sees the balloon and decides she wants to have it. Ted chases after her as she runs away and catches up with her in the train car they both started in. Bo has been captured by the strange man and is hanging, upside down, from one of his flying contraptions. Ted tries to get her back, but she and the strange man in the black suit, are transported through a mirror. At that moment, the train crashes and Ted is knocked unconscious. As he wakes up next to the wrecked train, he finds himself in a wondrous but strange winter landscape and sets out to rescue his daughter.

During this quest, he learns that he is actually in some kind of hell and the strange man that has kidnapped Bo is called Mr. Pinstripe. Ted meets a number of characters that seem to remember who he is, but he cannot, for the life of him, remember who they are. So now, next to finding and rescuing Bo, he must also delve deep into his past and uncover the dark secrets that lurk in the darkest regions of his soul.

Pinstripe is a puzzle platform game in which you must guide Ted through many beautifully crafted environments. As you move about you'll come across little crystals called "frozen drops", which can be used as currency. Most environmental puzzles need you to manipulate certain items in the world around you in order to proceed. Ted is aided on his quest by his dog, George. Now that Ted is in this strange world, George has acquired the power of speech and can help Ted by digging up hidden items in the environments. These items are hidden everywhere, so be sure to keep a lookout for paw prints in the snow. By clicking on such a print, you make George start digging and you never know what might pop up.

Sometimes you'll find items that enable you to visit previously unreachable areas of the frozen world. A headlamp lets you explore a dark cave and a slingshot lets you manipulate switches in the environment and destroy enemies. Pinstripe is not a game filled to the brim with countless enemies, but they are there. If you get hit by such an enemy, Ted loses one heart. If you lose a heart, it can be restored by destroying various objects in the world. These objects can be shot, using the slingshot en their contents is yours for the taking. Apart from hearts, these objects can also contain frozen drops and other useful items.

All in all, I must say that Pinstripe is a very good and atmospheric game that offers a more than decent challenge. The 2D art style is truly awesome and fits the game's story and setting perfectly, as does the minimalistic soundtrack. I would personally recommend playing Pinstripe to anyone and everyone who likes a platform game with a good story and truly interesting cast of characters. The game is even more awesome when you realize that it has been designed and built by just one man: Thomas Brush, who has been responsible for creating games like Coma and Skinny at his one-man studio, Atmos Games. Just try Pinstripe for yourself and I believe you'll have to agree with me that it really is a puzzle-platforming masterpiece and that Hell has never looked this beautiful!

available on:

Atmos Games & Armor Games
April 25, 2017