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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on January 11, 2017

Today is the perfect day to delve into a dark and mysterious world where wonder and tragedy go hand in hand on a daily basis. Join us as we visit the place where strange things happen every other minute: Rusty Lake, where we will plant the seed for our very own family tree...

Rusty Lake: Roots is a point-n-click puzzle/exploration adventure in which you, a guy named James Vanderboom, inherit a house from a strange uncle and decide to build a life there. Apart from the house, your uncle has also left you a mysterious seed which, if you plant it, will eventually grow into a tree... your family tree. Roots is the second premium adventure is the truly amazing Rusty Lake series, the first being Rusty Lake Hotel, about which we did a review a little while back.

So, we inherit the house, we plant the seed... now what? Well, if you want to grow a family tree, you can't bloody well do it on your own, can you now?! So let's find someone to love, make babies and expand the family! After planting the seed, a small tree quickly grows and the basis for your family tree is set. With each new set of puzzles you solve, a new branch sprouts from the tree, containing a new stage in the life of James Vanderboom or his family. Each new stage also contains new puzzles for you to solve and new dark horrors that lurk in the shadows.

Your basic puzzle start you off in a certain area of the house you've just inherited, like the garden or one of the rooms inside the house. Everything you'll need to solve the puzzle will be in that area, be it hidden or in plain sight. The trick is not only to find the items and information you'll need to come to a solution; the trick is to piece together the items and information and find a solution for the twisted and sometimes otherworldly conundrums that the Rusty Lake series is known for. By inspecting everything thoroughly and thinking outside the box, I'm pretty sure that, in the end, everyone can come to the proper solution sooner or later.

The game even comes with a complete walkthrough, if you're into that kind of thing. But, being somewhat of a puzzle game masochist, I laughed at the idea of any solution being handed to me on a silver platter... which, unfortunately, meant that I got quite stuck on one or two occasions. But, after thinking really, really, REALLY hard (and having a few beers), the solution finally came to me and I was able to press on. And you will want to do just that: press on! It's a trait all Rusty Lake games share; once you start playing, it's hard to put any of them down. However simple the basic premise of the games may be, their stories will keep you glued to your screen, simply needing to know what happens next.

The world of Rusty Lake is a world I really like; the simple but cool 2D art, the characters, the somewhat Lovecraftian quality to the stories; everything just adds up to a great game. Yes, I can safely say that there are no two ways about it: Rusty Lake: Roots is a truly awesome puzzle experience, the likes of which you won't soon forget. It has all the qualities of previous games in the series, but takes thing one step further. So, as far as Rusty Lake: Roots is concerned, there can be only one conclusion that I can possibly come to: play the damn thing! If you do, I assure you that you will not be disappointed! you'll get tons of challenging puzzles, wondrous and dark story lines, and all of this for the ridiculous price of 2,99 / $2,99! I mean, come on; what's not to like?

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Rusty Lake
October 20, 2016