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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on November 30, 2018

If you were to go waaaaay back in time, say 12 years, you might see me playing - very happily, I might add - an adventure game by the name of Secret Files Tunguska. And, as luck would have it, today, November 30 2018, marks the Nintendo Switch release of this awesome point 'n click classic! More than reason enough to have another gander, wouldn't you agree?

In Secret Files Tunguska, we take the role of the beautiful and talented Nina Kalenkov who has just has discovered her father, a well-thought of archeologist, has mysteriously disappeared. Both his home and his office at the Museum of Natural History have been ransacked by parties unknown. Now, it is up to Nina, to collect and combine all the clues and find out what happened to her father. As she gets underway with her investigation, it is quickly apparent that something called the Tunguska Catastrophe is at the center of this mystery...

You see, in 1908, a huge explosion occurred in the Tunguska region in Russia. The mighty blast flattened a huge area of about 2000 square kilometers, but its origins are still, to this day, unknown. And although it is assumed a meteorite was the cause if the incident, no impact crater has ever been found... Quite the mystery, wouldn't you say? Well, maybe; but Nicole has to first solve the mystery of her father's disappearance. When investigating his office at the museum, she meets her father's assistant, a young man named Max. Together, they set out to unravel the mystery at hand; a quest that will take them to numerous strange and wonderful locations across the globe.

Okay, so why would you want to play a 12-year old game on your Nintendo Switch? Well, the answer is quite simple; because it is an awesome game! I loved the game when it came out for PC and still love it today. I won't say the game is without flaws, but these are mostly in the audio department and not a game breaker in any way. Now and then, the lines of conversation don't all sound like they are said in the same room, although they are spoken right after each other, but that's really the extent of this issue and only noticeable when you are somewhat of an audiophile. The rest of the game works just fine and you are quickly sucked into the story of this wonderful puzzle adventure game.

Secret Files Tunguska makes good use of the so-called "Snoop-tool". No, this game mechanic will not show you the latest exploits of one of America's favorite rappers and TV personalities, but what it will do is show you all the points of interest on your screen at that time. Now, if you've played adventure games as long as I have, you will probably remember the good old days when you needed to drag your mouse over every single pixel on your screen to find all the items you could interact with. With the snoop tool, this is no longer necessary; with a press of the button, the game shows you the locations of things to interact with.

All of this was also available in the PC release. So what makes the Switch version different from the PC version? Well, the Switch makes good use of its touchscreen capabilities. You can also use the thumbstick to drag your cursor around, but why not just tap the screen? By using this technique, you can play the game much faster and even more intuitive than before. Now, this is not something you can't play the game without, but I found that it makes playing it on console much, much more enjoyable, which makes it a worthwhile addition in my book!

When playing the game, you can't help but surmise that Secret Files Tunguska has it all; a gripping story, full voice acting, beautiful environments filled with interesting npc's and challenging puzzles. Now, I ask you: What more could you ask for in a puzzle adventure game? That's right; nothing at all! I have enjoyed playing Secret Files (as well as its two main sequels) for many years now and I'm sure I will keep doing so on Nintendo Switch. The only thing we now need are Switch versions of Secret Files 2 & 3... But wait, what's that? Deep Silver also announced that Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis and Secret Files 3 are also coming to the Nintendo Switch? Well, hot damn; that just made my day!

In all seriousness though; if you have a craving for a good puzzle adventure and own a Nintendo Switch, why not indulge yourself and give this awesome game a try? I can personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Actually, I think that you will be anxiously awaiting the release of both sequels after playing the first game. So, if you're a fan of the series, this is an awesome way to play this game on the go and if you're new to the series, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know both Nina and Max and share in their adventure!

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Deep Silver / Animation Arts / Fusionsphere Systems
November 30, 2018