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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on August 11, 2014

Tabletop racing is an arcade style racer, reminiscent of the iconic Micro Machines games, with a healthy dose of Mario Kart or Wacky Wheels added to the mix. The result is a cartoony looking race game that has something to offer for all of us. Well, I say for all of us, but if you’re a real hardcore racing simulator fan, remember this is a arcade racer. No sense of reality here. No wind, no wet tarmac to take into account, just tiny cars with tiny weapons, trying to outrun each other.

Originally launched in January 2013 for iOs and in January 2014 for android, Tabletop racing already tore up most iOs and Android devices, and to much acclaim. Now it’s time for the PS Vita to share in the micro mayhem that is Tabletop Racing.

The controls are pretty straightforward and feel solid. Note yet again that this is not, I repeat, NOT a racing sim, so don’t expect any fiddly steering or realistic brake distances. Oh, and since the game mostly takes place on tabletops, try not to fall off… The straightforward and solid feel I mentioned earlier actually applies to the entire game. From the aforementioned controls to the overall game play, the graphics or the sound, Tabletop Racing is a virtual pocket-sized piñata, filled with colorful racing goodies.

From your main menu, there are a few options for you to explore. Firstly, there’s the garage, which we will discuss in a moment. Secondly (and arguably the most important part of any racing game) it’s the races themselves. These are divided into championships drifting events, special events or the ever well known Quick race. A championship consists of multiple challenges you will have to complete, ending with a season finale, a three race all-out battle for that coveted cup. Drifting events will only be accessible when you own the right car, so these self-explanatory events will not be available right from the start. Special events, however, will be. These events consist of the standard events you encounter through the game, but with a twist. And lastly, there’s the Quick Race. No need for explanation there, right?... Right?!... oh well, alright then. Pick a car, pick a track, race till your tires fall off! …Got that?! Good! The better you do in any of these events, the more xp you gather. And the more XP you gather, the sooner you can start upgrading your vertically challenged vehicle.

The customization of you miniscule mode of transportation takes place at THE GARAGE (cue ominous sound…)

The mists fade. Your eyes try to pierce the darkness. All of a sudden, a metallic screeching sound comes from a dark and dangerous corner. Then, two lights blind your eyes. A thunderous roar deafens you ears. Shocked, blinded and at a total loss, you can only watch in terror as the metal beast draws near. Nearer and nearer, UNTIL…

Oh alright, it’s not that exciting but nevertheless, the garage is an integral part of this game. Without it, you can never hope to win all the championships or events. In the garage you can unlock additional cars, give a car a complete new paint job, or change the tires on your grape-sized gas guzzler. These tires give you different attack possibilities or power-ups, so check them out!

Whether it’s the cartoony style of the game, the assortment of weapons at your disposal, or the fun in customizing the hell out of your tabletop racer, this game has lots in store for all you boys and girls out there, and is not afraid to use it. It’s a well-worn concept that has proved its worth through the years, and Tabletop Racing is a serious contender for the title. And now if you’d excuse me, It is now time for me to continue conquering this undersized universe.


available on:

Playrise Digital
August 5, 2014 (PS Vita)