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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on November 7, 2017

Some people just can't seem to get a break... ever! Sebastian Castellanos is one of those unlucky people. Three years after his horrendous experiences at the Beacon mental hospital, he has lost everything; his daughter, his wife, his job... everything! But, through a twist of fate, Sebastian is once again forced to enter the STEM world and face the horrors within. Why, I hear you ask? Well, because his former partner, Juli Kidman seeks him out and tells him not only that his daughter Lily, who he believed died in a house fire, is still alive, but also that the shadowy organization known as Mobius is using her as the centerpiece of a brand new STEM system.

Now, hearing that your daughter is still alive is one of the best things ever, but this joy is overshadowed by the fact that, a couple of days ago, Lily vanished and the STEM system has run amok. Mobius sent a couple of specialists in after her, but they somehow lost contact with the team. To fix all this, Lily needs to be found so, grudgingly, Sebastian agrees to help Juli restore the new system, although he couldn't care less about it; he is all about finding his lost daughter! Apparently, the last mess wasn't enough for Mobius, so they developed a brand new STEM system, that should transport the test subjects to a small town called Union. Or, as Sebastian calls it: Anytown, USA.

Once inside, Sebastian quickly notices something is very, very, VERY wrong with Union. People quickly start dying, as they are killed by a mysterious character that somehow seems to have the ability to control time. Luckily, it takes more to scare Sebastian, so he starts searching for his daughter, and his horrific journey begins...

The Evil Within 2 takes us, once again, down into the depths of survival horror as we try to stay alive with little to no resources. It is the sequel to the 2014 game The Evil Within and follows the exploits of former cop Sebastian Castellanos as he tries to uncover the truth about the organization that is responsible for his past ordeals: Mobius. The game itself centers around exploration , crafting and surviving with minimal use of weapons.

As in the First game in the series, players are encouraged to use stealth instead of force. Because there aren't a lot of resources available, deciding when to use them becomes your main priority. If you decide to fight every enemy head on, you will quickly notice that you run out of ammo pretty fast and, oh yes, you will die!

The smarter thing to do is to sneak around anomies or get right behind them in an unseen manner and kill them with a stealth attack. A huge part of the experience that is to be had while playing The Evil Within 2 is the feeling of despair when it comes to what's in your inventory. Yes, you can craft ammo and other items, but you will first need to find the resources to do so. A nice touch is the implementation of the "you-can-craft-anywhere" mechanic. This means that you will no longer need a workbench to craft the bullets you so desperately need. But beware! Crafting away from a workbench does mean that the item you are trying to make will cost you more resources than usual, so think before you craft!

You are free to explore Union however you like. There are plenty of side quests for you to fulfill during your time in this "quaint" little town. To help you find your way to certain objectives, you are given a Communicator, which basically is a old walkie-talkie type of device that can scan frequencies and, in doing so, more or less pinpoint the location of the objective. I must say that I like the addition of this device to the game very much. It really helps to narrow down your search area. On top of that, it is also written into the story as an integral part of the game, so that's also pretty cool!

Visually, The Evil Within 2is quite a bit better than its predecessor. The environments are much more varied and the characters in the game look freaking good! The creepy mood of the environments enhances the eerie overall feel of the game. I like the story and how it really is a direct sequel to the first game. The quality of the sound track and the voice-acting leaves nothing to be desired. It's really cool to see that, when used properly, all these elements work together to create a world that can only be called scary!

So yes, with everything said and done, The Evil Within 2 is a very cool game. You will have to be a fan of survival horror to get into it, but if you weren't a fan, you wouldn't be reading this review, now would you? So, if you're in for a good, high-quality, scare then pack your bags and meet me in Union. We will be waiting for you...

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October 13, 2017