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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on November 29, 2018

How about we try and kickstart our brain matter back into gear with some good, old-fashioned point 'n click puzzling? Well, I say old-fashioned, but the game in question adds a few additional mechanics to the well-known point 'n click gameplay that definitely gives it an edge. Nevertheless, it's time to lose ourselves in a tale of a princess, a castle and an evil wizard. So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen; meet Tsioque.

Tsioque is a headstrong princess that certainly does not take things lying down. So, when her mother, the Queen, is called to war, an evil wizard takes over the castle and imprisons little Tsioque. Well, the wizard in question will soon find that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. You see, the wizard's plan has one fatal flaw, and that is the fact that he only put one lock between the little princess and freedom!

After escaping the dungeon, Tsioque must make her way through the castle. Now, this is not exactly the castle Tsioque grew up in. Sure, the familiar walls and corridors are still there, but they are being patrolled by the wizard's legions, so Tsioque must dodge all sorts of foul creatures on her quest to rid the castle from the clutches of the Evil wizard and his heinous spell. To do so, she must do more than solve the obligatory object puzzles, however; she must also make sure that she isn't caught by the wizard or trapped or even eaten by his minions.

The first thing I noticed about Tsioque is how beautiful the game looks. All the moving parts of the game have been lovingly animated using a 2D frame-by-frame animation technique and that level of commitment really shows! Everything about Tsioque just screams attention to detail and love for the game itself, as well as the point 'n click genre as a whole. All the little bits that make up the game fit the theme perfectly, down to the small handbag Tsioque uses as her inventory.

Another thing that is definitely worth mentioning is the game's soundtrack. It really manages to enhance the overall experience even more and adapts perfectly to any given situation you might find yourself in. Together with the art and the expertly narrated story, this make Tsioque a jewel in the point 'n click crown. Since I last played the game at Gamescom, the developers have been hard at work polishing it up and that is quite noticeable.

The preview build I played back then already looked great but, at times, it was hard to see which objects could be manipulated and which were just background filling. Now, normally, this does not pose that big of a problem, because you have plenty of time going over every little pixel of your screen. But when there's a time factor involved, it becomes somewhat cumbersome. Luckily, in the final release, some of the useable objects have a slight glow about them, making it easier to discern them in the beautifully drawn background.

The puzzles in Tsioque are a mix between the familiar object-based puzzles and puzzles that make use of the environment, especially if you are trying to hide from the wizard's minions. Hanging of a ledge so the guards don't see you or turning off the lights are just two examples of these environment-based puzzles. The fun thing about all the puzzles in the game is that they are more than challenging enough to please the diehard puzzle fans while, at the same time, being nowhere near impossible to solve, so the novice puzzle adventure gamer will also be able to solve them in the end.

The fact that you can get caught or even be killed also gives an additional dimension to the game. Now, the people who have played the older adventure games will maybe recognize this game mechanic from games like Beneath a Steel Sky or even Dragon's Lair. And what worked perfectly well for those games back in the day, still holds true for Tsioque in the present. If you get caught or die, you will have to restart that specific section of game and try to find the right solution this time around. So don't worry about it too much; you will not need to start the entire game all over again!

I can honestly say that I had a lot of fun while sneaking and puzzling my way through the halls and corridors of the castle. You will need to revisit some locations more than once, because you didn't have the required item the first time you visited such a location. But with locations so beautiful, who in their right minds wouldn't want to visit them more often than once, right? Tsioque is truly a game that every puzzle fan should try. It is well worth your time an effort, so do yourself a favor and check it out for yourselves!

And now, if you'd excuse me, I really have to see a wizard about a cursed castle and restore peace to this once tranquil land!

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Smile Studios & OhNoo
November 7, 2018