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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on October 30, 2015

There are a few truths in life; the Earth isnít flat, people donít live to become 6000 years old, no one can beat Chuck Norris and, the most important truth of all: If you put me in a racecar, youíre bound to see some of the shittiest driving known to man! So, why would anyone in their right mind ask me to review the latest installment in the official WRC game series? Well, that was actually an error, made by our planning department. But donít worry; the people responsible for this major oversight have already been taken care of...

As Iíve probably mentioned a couple of times before, I was never any good at racing games. That was more my younger brotherís turf. I remember, years ago, I was rather pleased with myself after finishing a race in an old racing game for the pc, called Screamer. So naturally, I showed the results to my brother, who just looked at me, shook his head and sighed. ďLet me show you how itís doneĒ, was his only remark. So he sat down and wiped my times right off the board. From that moment on, I swore I would practice until I could beat my brother at his own game! But, not unlike a lot of everybodyís New Yearís resolutions, I failed miserably to keep that promise to myself.

So, moving on some 20 years into the future, where I have once again picked up a controller and am ready to play WRC 5Ö well, as ready as Iíll ever be! But, before I can drive a rally-monster for an entire race, Iíll first have a look at the tutorial. Itís a very comprehensive collection of short exercises that should hone your skills as a rally-driver; how to steer in certain curves, how much throttle to use when approaching said curve, and how to come to a complete stop (which I was really good at. I just parked my car against a tree). After completing the tutorial I was ready to face my first complete rally! Somehow, I managed to pick a snow and ice covered rally track, somewhere in Scandinavia. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

The first thing one has to notice about WRC 5 is how amazing it all looks! The cars, the tracks, the entire scenery; everything looks absolutely awesome! Whether youíre driving through snow, sand or on asphalt, it just looks like the real thing. Also, the cars handling is quite different on all of these surfaces. Yes, yes, I know thatís supposed to be common knowledge, but hey, itís new to me! Everything about WRC 5 is aimed at making the rally experience as real as possible. From the graphics to the sound, from the cars to the guy, constantly shouting directions into your ear, everything is made to look, sound and feel realÖ and it does! Short from being catapulted against your car roof when hitting a bump to hard, I think this is the closest to real rally driving that most of us will ever get.

The second thing is the handling of the cars. It just seems so genuine, especially when you turn off all the drive-assist properties and just go for it. And though the difficulty sky-rockets when you do so, I can all but imagine that, for some of you, this is the only way to go. Trust me, if had any talent in that area, it would be the way to go for me too. Also, your car can be customized on over a dozen points, so you can personally tune your rally-beast to suit your every driving need. Since WRC 5 is the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship, it shouldnít come as a surprise that everything is made to closely resemble the real thing. Aside from looking and sounding the part, WRC 5 also features official cars and rallies from the FIA 2015 season. It even includes support categories. I mean, come on, how close to real can you get?! One of my absolute favorite features in the game was the dynamic weather and lighting system, which lets you drive in snow, rain, on a sunny day, on a drizzly night, and so on! It really adds a bit of extra depth to the game, and challenges you to overcome every hurdle the game can throw at you. Plus, thereís just something about driving at night that really gets me excited!

So yes, although I truly stunk up the place with my ineptitude to even get one turn right (or left, as the case may beÖ), I think WRC 5 is a tremendous game! It looks and sounds terrific and offers all of you racing fans out there hours of bumpy, slippery fun like no other racing game does. Some of you might prefer the deceptively flat and uninterrupted tracks of the F1 or Moto GP games. If thatís your thing, go for it! But, if youíre more of an all-terrain fan and love to speed along the narrow and winding roads of an official FIA championship rally track, than WRC 5 is definitely the way to go! And, oh yes, remember the guy I told you about? The one sitting next to you in the car, screaming all those directions in your ear? Hereís one tip: Listen to the poor guy, he knows what heís talking about!

So that about wraps it up for me. Although it is not really my genre, I had a really fun time, playing WRC 5; bouncing around the track, bursting right through a couple of snow banks and giving my co-pilot the heart-attack of a lifetime. If youíre at all into racing games, youíll love WRC 5. And if youíre like me, not an adept at racing, you might just have fun trying to keep your car anywhere near the track. Just give it a try; youíll see what I mean. And as for me, the next time they ask me to review a racing game, and I really want to test it to its limits, I think Iíll just give my brother a call. At least he knows what heís doing!

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