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F1 2018

By Jackie "UniGameJackie" Verweij on September 3, 2018

Ever since I was growing up, I had a love for anything with an engine in it. It probably had to do with the fact I grew up as a girl among boys. I still prefer an RC car over Barbie and her pink cabriolet. So The chance to write a review about a new F1 game is an exciting moment for me.

It has been a while since I did play F1. In the past, I used to play it on PC but then came the PS4. Back to Formula 1; to be honest, I do have a high expectation. I still follow the development of racing games and from what we see we are allowed to have higher hopes and expectations than ever before. For me, it's all about realism, and I'm not talking about the characters but the racing experience. How does the car react? What about the grip? What if I lose control and hit a wall? To be honest, that is what I am looking forward to the most in any racing game. Other features just feel like extras to me. I did hear lot's of positive news about F1 2018, and judging from the interviews and critics, I do believe I will be spending a lot of time on the tracks once more! Let's start that engine...

As we know, F1 2018 is based on the formula one season of 2018, bringing all the latest tracks and cars from this year's F1 season. I imagine it is a challenge for the developers of the F1 series to keep finding new ways to keep the game exciting and yet still accurately representing the sports in a virtual word, compared from the real-world thing. This equilibrium is something that I love to see. This year, F1 2018 features an even deeper career mode, and now players can take part in interviews to help get them hired by better teams throughout each season. Not that this is new, the interviews were part of the F1 2011 before. But it is a fun extra to know your answers will influence your relationship with the teams and effect the personality bar. This bar will show if you are more of a showman or sports enthusiast and will determine which team will hire you. Another change in this season is that the Malaysian Sepang International Circuit is replaced by the French Circuit Paul Richard and the German Hockenheimring. Back on track is the implemented Energy Recovery System (ERS) that we had in the 2014 F1, This can give your engines temporary speed advantages.

As I start creating a character and my adventure begins, I already feel genuine happy seeing the graphics and I cannot help to start to smile. Gosh, I missed this feeling. I do have to say I have a bit of a childish side that comes up. You know that player you see with a, let's call it a silly, name? Yes, that's me. Don't get me wrong, I do take games and my work to review them seriously but for my enjoyment, I start the race as a player; Brownie Shytles. Before I forget to mention this; just like in the previous games you are able to drive 8 'new' classic cars. What I also really appreciate from this game is that it doesn't matter if you are a pro or just started playing these games. You can easily adjust the difficulty to where you want to start. Since it's been a while for me I just start my practice rounds easy and try to get the feeling back again.

I would like state for the record that my personal preference when it comes to controlling racing games is using a steering wheel like, for example, a Logitech G27. This is the ideal way for getting the best out of any racing game. I do have one, just not here sadly. So I played it with my PS4 controller on the PC. It works just fine but like I said, the wheel would have made it perfect. Only thing is with the steering in the game, is when I pressed the left thumbstick while steering, the camera shows the back cam to see the rivals in the back. It was getting used to that as I sometimes press too hard during hard corners. As far as the controls and overall gameplay are concerned, I can only give F1 2018 two thumbs up. The feelings, oh the feeling of realism is amazing. On the tracks, you can experience the real physics that the developers incorporated in the game. The thing is, and we often don't really realize it, that the built-in physics are quite complicated. Sure, it is easy to operate the system and just race on the tracks but I mean everything is incredibly complicated. For example, the added ERS system, the amount of energy provide is just like in real life! If you hit a wall or a curve you will see the car bounce. Something cool to mention is the fact that the suspension and the chassis of the car now works on 1000 hertz and not only really gives the feeling of grip, but you can see the car sticking to the asphalt. Not that I saying that I am a hardcore sim racer, let's be clear about that, but these things are really noticeable.

Graphics-wise, especially for a console racing simulator, the game is beyond impressive and there are certainly notable changes since F1 2017. "Can it get better any better?", was the question we asked ourselves back then. Well, in my book, the answer to this question is a resounding "YES!". The depth of the environments is stunning. So far best I've seen in any simulator. The weather will make you notice the difference between the various tires and have an impact on their performance. And it's so lovely to see the sun coming back on the track. Also, a little example of realism that I noticed, is the use of dust. Subtle but effective, and it's a bit dirtier than before. To be fair, I was thinking about mentioning the sound. I do listen to the engine, but with racing games, my tradition is putting on music. I realized I didn't take the time or thought about that part for my review. Purely because I was so caught up in my own high-speed world of racing. I heard it but it did not register if you know what I mean. If I am at a real-life race or car event this is the part that makes me fall in love with the car. As soon as the cars start up and the first sounds of the engine roaring reach my ears, I get butterflies in my stomach. When playing a racing game, I don't really have this experience. Yes, it's cool but nothing compared standing next to the raw sound and the deep bass of a real car. Now, I could crank up the volume, but I don't think my neighbors would like me doing so...

E-Sports is growing more and more and there's even positive feedback on the game from actual F1 drivers. Of course, they train in more advanced simulators but from what I heard, they are impressed. Codemasters also shows they listen to the feedback they receive from the pro's and fans and that does show. A very wise and respectable decision in my opinion.

I can only give praise to F1 2018 and I will surely continue playing it for a long time. This is a big compliment, to be honest. I wrote quite a few game reviews in my time and lots of these games are deleted or gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. This is not going to be the case, however, with F1 2018; I will make my opponents eat my dust for a long time to come! If you like racing games and simulators, I highly recommend F1 2018. Like I said at the start of this review, it is friendly for players that haven't set foot in this genre before. You will quickly learn and improve yourself. There are many things you can enjoy this game. Every year, a new F1 will come along but I am lucky to step back in now and hit the accelerator! It's a fantastic game to see and you can really lose yourself on the tracks, feeling like an actual driver. As for the media part, I'm in it to win it so for me it's a nice touch, but not what defines the game. So, all in all; If you are into motorsports games, F1 2018 is a more than solid pick!

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F1 2018
August 24, 2018